Angelia Gabrena Ong and Sex Marriage

Gosh I missed all the drama that happened at last night’s Miss Philippines Earth 2015 beauty pageant after Manila candidate and eventual winner Angelia Gabrena Ong answered her final question. I was up north at Subic covering the Mrs Globe Philippines pageant.

Anyway it seems like she stirred up a hornet’s nest with her answer. See below.


(Got the screen cap above from a Facebook account of a friend)

Many bible-thumpers jumped on her for what seemed like support for same-sex marriage.

Then…the grammar police went Nazi on her sentence construction.

And others wondered if she thought that the question was about sex before marriage.


Photo by Adrian Gonzales. Taken from the Philippine Daily Inquirer site.

Click here to read the PDI’s coverage of Angelia Gabrena Ong’s victory.

Whatever the case,  I’m throwing my full support behind Angelia Gabrena Ong simply because – it is not fair to judge a person based on one question.

It is also a personal policy of mine to respect a person’s opinions (basta wag illegal). Also, I think pageants should tread carefully when it comes to asking contestants about divisive topics.

As for our contestants speaking in broken or not so good English? Well, it shows me they can speak at least two languages. Many can’t even speak one language well! And, I try to look for their ability to make sense more than their ability to speak perfect English.

When scientific conventions have speakers from different countries presenting their papers in English, there are bound to be grammar mistakes galore! But they give leeway for such mistakes… so why can’t we?

Also, if pageant candidates choose to answer in Tagalog or Pilipino, then good on them!  I appreciate contestants who make that choice.

Going back to a person being judged on one question – yes it is not fair. So that is why pageants normally have a pre-judging event where judges get to dig deeper into the minds of each contestant. It is entirely possible for a person to be excellent in the pre-judging and then struggle in the final Q&A.

Perhaps Angelia presented herself so well in the pre-judging (and in all pageant activities) that the judges felt she deserved the title, period.

Whatever the case, she has been crowned and will be the Philippine representive the in the next Miss Earth pageant. She needs the support of the pageant community as she prepares for it. At least now she and her trainers know what area needs work.

Wishing Angelia Gabrena Ong the best!!!