Monthly Archive: February, 2009

Mission #9 – Discover a Hidden River

Sorry for the delayed posts – Ron sequestered my laptop after his Dell’s power cord conked out.  Oh well…   time for a sneaky blog… Mission #9 This mission involves going down into the… Continue reading

Mission #8 – Buy a Thai Jacket

The Akha Tribe of Northern Thailand survive by farming the land, raising animals and selling handicrafts like handmade jewelry, clothes, shoes.  etc.  But sometimes, you find a crazy Akha loon who goes around… Continue reading

Mission #7 – Visit a Buddhist Temple

Someone told me that in Thailand, every patch of ground is “guarded over’ by a Buddhist Temple on a mountaintop This one we visited in Mae Salong was a TINY golden triangle shining… Continue reading

Mission #6 – Worship God Tribal Style!!!

Forget packaged tours! The best way to get to know a foreign country is to be hosted by people who live there! They know all about the local stuff that doesn’t get published… Continue reading

Mission #5 – Do Aerobics Thai Style

Exercise is part of my LIFE! That’s why whenever I travel, one of the first questions I ask is:  Is there a gym at the hotel? Unfortunately, Laluna Resort has none.  Thankfully, they… Continue reading