Voicing Queen

Hover your cursor over the VOICING QUEEN tab above to open the drop down menu to select one of the ads/avps that I voiced!

I have been working as a voice talent for over 10 years and if you need a voice like mine for your telephone answering service, video presentation, radio or tv or website ads, or whatevah, just drop me note – my email addy is jaedeelight@yahoo.com

Sorry, I don’t do liquor ads (unless it’s for red wine and you give me a year’s supply. Okay, one month is FINE!) and definitely will not do cigarette ads or girlie magazine ads, and other similar “sin” products even if I am occasionally a sinner myself.  I likewise refuse to voice political campaign ads (unless you are my friend and I like you.)

But I do offer my voice FOR FREE for projects that are close to my heart – fund raisers for orphanages, animal rights, tree rights, Christian events/groups, the fight against AIDS and cancer and cerebral palsy etc, the fight against pornography/trafficking of women and children/domestic violence, anything environmental like Earth Hour (I voiced the radio ads for Earth Hour for free last year and this year), and the like…

I have a drop dead gorgeous voice which sounds exactly how I look. Just don’t you better ask why I’m only voicing commercials and not starring in them!!! SNARL!!!



If you watch 2nd Avenue on Cable TV, THAT’s my voice doing the continuity announcing. Ganda ano? Am super blessed by THE ONE WHO GIVES US EVERY GOOD THING WE CAN IMAGINE!!!