Monthly Archive: February, 2010

ABQ Reviews The Polynesian Spa, Rotorua, New Zealand

LEAVE A COMMENT AND WIN A NECKLACE AND MANUKA SOAP BAR FROM NEW ZEALAND. Click here to see how you can join! Contest is over! After 4 days of listening to our wonderful… Continue reading

Manuka, Merienda ala Maori and Mythology: Te Puia Visit PART 3!!!

Te Puia Village in Rotorua in New Zealand is a GREAT place to visit if you want to know more about Maori culture and experience a little bit of the Maori lifestyle. Click… Continue reading

Kiwi Birds, Mudpools and GEYSERS: Te Puia Visit PART 2 !!!

Te Puia Village in Rotorua, New Zealand is an institute that nurtures Maori Arts and Crafts. Te Puia is also like a Theme Park where visitors can enjoy the unique culture of the… Continue reading

Traveling Tiara: Learning About Maoris in Te Puia Village

Thanks to the fabulous music of Don Ho, the culture of Hawaii is known all over the western world and beyond. But what do we know of the Maori culture? Hawaiians and Maoris… Continue reading

Traveling Tiara: Rotorua, New Zealand STINKS!!!

Now that I have your attention, I must explain that I mean my headline in a GOOD way. Rotorua is a geothermal town on the edge of a lake which is also called… Continue reading

ABQ Meets Best Selling Author and Social Researcher Michael McQueen

Day 1 of the United Christian Broadcasters‘ Forum at Millenium Hotel in Rotorua, New Zealand was an eye-opener for me, not just because our guest speaker Michael McQueen was CUTE, but because he… Continue reading

Traveling Tiara: Driving from Auckland to Rotorua, New Zealand

Let me just throw out some photos to show you just how gorgeous Aukland Auckland is, how verdant the 3-hour drive up to Rotorua is, too. Rotorua btw, is a city by a… Continue reading

Traveling Tiara: First Sighting of New Zealand!

Whenever I fly, I always choose a window seat because I love to look out and see things. It helps me deal with my phobia for flying. So it was with eagerness that… Continue reading

Traveling Tiara: I am an Airplane Food JUNKIE!

“AIRPLANE FOOD SUCKS,” is common sentiment when it comes to that kind of fare. The taste and texture of plane food has often been compared to sandpaper, sand, wood and/or mush. And I… Continue reading

Traveling Tiara: Blogging Beauty Queen Off to Visit New Zealand!!!

Right after spending Valentines at Bahay Kanlungan with a group of oldies but goodies, I divedĀ  straight into getting ready for a dream trip: Visiting New Zealand!!! I got an invitation to join… Continue reading