Monthly Archive: September, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Flooded your Books or Journals? Here’s How to Save Them!

One of the most heartbreaking things for a writer is to lose his or her journals. Typhoon Ondoy managed to get to 5 years worth of my personal journals. Although they were kept… Continue reading

Typhoon Ondoy’s Mischief in Marikina

Typhoon Ondoy may have taken away almost all our furniture and appliances but we are all safe and sound, including the smallest kitten in our Marikina household. Yesterday, one of our Edge Radio… Continue reading

Typhoon Ondoy’s Destruction

There was ONE semi-bright spot in my hellish day. There was mud but not the scads I thought there would be when I finally saw what Typhoon Ondoy did to the insides of… Continue reading

Typhoon Ondoy Floods My Marikina Home :(

8:30PM, Balay Indang, Cavite. September 26, 2009. As I type this post, I am praying. I am praying for my two helpers at our home in Marikina. Typhoon Ondoy has inundated our lovely… Continue reading

Beauty Queen’s Sweet 17 in the Ms Intercontinental Pageant 2009

NOTE: HANNELLY QUINTERO OF VENEZUELA WINS THE MS INTERCONTINENTAL 2009 TITLE! CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST OF WINNERS… How I envy Hector Joaquin who is in Minsk, Belarus covering the Ms Intercontinental Pageant… Continue reading

Ilocos Norte Post #11: An Afternoon at the Malacanang of the North

Wow, so this is where Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda hung out when they were in their home province of Ilocos Norte! The tree-lined driveway could fit about 10 army tanks in a row.… Continue reading

Ilocos Norte Post #10: Bats in Paoay Church!

Don’t ask whose rear end is walking toward Paoay Church, the oldest church in the region of Ilocos. We only had 15 minutes to spare in our tight schedule so I high-tailed it… Continue reading

Ilocos Norte Post #9: So, this is how you make TUPIG!!!

Members of the Media Pillar team (which I am the secretary of) placed a collective order of like 200 pcs of TUPIG at this little tupig bakery in Batac, Ilocos Norte. Now, 200… Continue reading


My La Bulaquena 2009 Judging Experience!

One of my co-judges in the La Bulaquena 2009 leaned over and told me: “It looks like you take these beauty pageants seriously!” and I said, “Oh yes, I definitely do! Because I… Continue reading