The PAINFUL Wrong Announcement at Miss Universe 2015


What a terrible way to win for the Philippines.

Being from this country, I know I should be rejoicing over our victory and I am. But there is a big part of me that just can’t fully get into it because it was at the expense of another girl.

Here’s what happened:

Right after host Steve Harvey announces that Columbia is the winner of Miss Universe 2015, he comes back and says he made a mistake. He shows the card with the winners on it and says, the Philippines is the rightful winner. Then he goes on to take responsibility for his horrible mistake. He tries to save the situation by saying ‘don’t take it against the girls’ but it was the wrong thing to say. No one is taking it against the girls at all. Most fans are taking it against him.

(I’ll be uploading our video of that moment with my hubby saying Oh my gulay in the background and me sobbing like a fool.)

I still like Steve Harvey anyway, because he bravely faced his mistake and accepted that it was his fault. I do hosting jobs too, and if I made that mistake, I think I would resign from be I could. This is precisely why, whenever I host pageants, I always ask for a co-host who can help me verify things. When I don’t have a co-host I look fifty times at the winning card to make sure I say things right. Maybe Steve Harvey was overconfident and didn’t bother to look carefully. So the whole snafu is on his shoulders.

But, this kind of mistake in pageants happens more often than we think, so there also should be failsafes set by the organizers so that hosts DON’T MAKE MISTAKES. It should be clearly printed on the card. With the winner’s name in HUGE BOLD PRINT.

So. Here is where the hurt went:

1. Miss Colombia, Paulina Vega and the rest of Colombia and her fans. All I can think of is this – what if it was Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines who was mis-announced? And then suddenly the crown went to another girl?!!! My heart would burst into a million pieces and I’d land in the ICU of Makati Med. How can I fully enjoy the victory when I know it has caused the embarrassment and pain of another beautiful and wonderful person? If Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines will forever be remembered positively for this, Colombia will forever be remembered as the girl who was wrongly crowned.

It. Is. Just. Horrible.

(But there are always constellation prizes in this universe. At least Colombia held the crown last year. They can hold on to that.)

2. Pia Wurtzbach. OMG. This girl worked so hard for this moment. She joined Bb. Pilipinas three times. Lost the first two times and then finally got the Miss Philippines Universe 2015 crown which gave her the right to compete in this year’s Miss Universe. This means she has been gunning for this moment for three years now. Three years of tiis-ganda, not eating cake, walking in those damn painful seven inch shoes, spending half her life in the gym and then the other half learning the art of answering questions. Then there is the mandatory beauty sleep. Does she even have a life? It is NO JOKE. Pia has made HUGE sacrifices for this moment and finally when it comes, it’s at the expense of another contestant AND THEN… her crowning moment… that moment when she feels the universe crown gently landing on her head… even the sliding of the hairpins in her tresses to hold the crown steady… and then the tears of joy while waving at the jubilant Filipino fans in the universe… that is all GONE.

Her. Crowning. Moment. WAS. STOLEN. FROM. HER.

Now, all we are going to talk about is the wrong announcement. Of course we are all happy. I am. But I can’t help these feelings because I know they are exactly what Pia Wurtzbach is feeling. Three years of hard work and all she got was a few minutes of looking shocked on stage. The thought makes me so angry so I will stop here because I am not about anger.

3) The Host Steve Harvey. Of course there is pain there. You could see how horrified he was at himself. He said the wrong thing though asking viewers not to take it against the girls. Why on earth would we? They did nothing wrong. HE DID! Too bad because he was quite good and highly entertaining.

Until. That. Moment.

People are saying – Steve Harvey will never get hired again. Well, maybe not by Miss Universe or any other pageant franchise. And I don’t think he is going to WANT to host any pageants in the near future. He did his best to save things but even that kind of failed.

I were in his shoes, I would just want to dig a hole into the earth and bury myself there forever. Out of embarrassment. I would just die. I know it was an honest slip on Steve’s part so I sympathize with him even if I am mad at him for making such a stupid mistake.

4) The viewers felt the pain too. It wasn’t easy watching this awkward moment. I was hurting in so many places I didn’t know I had that many places that had nerve endings! Poor audience. I think we all went into some slow-mo suspended animation as we tried to process what was happening. Cripes!

If you watch the footage again, you’ll see that even the camera crew handling the Miss Universe was careful not to show Miss Colombia after the correction was made. That was the right move. Spare her what you can. One friend of mine who was watching in Vegas says that Colombia didn’t right away give up the crown and sash. She was just as shocked as we all were… maybe all the more so.


I am sure that all the nega feelings I mentioned above will pass. Well, maybe Colombia will hang on to it longer. A looot longer. But for us, the fans and followers of Pia Wurtzbach, we will surely move on and laugh at this moment. I can already see myself fondly remembering how shocked we all were, specially Pia on stage and how for weeks we could not stop talking about it! This will surely go down in history as one of the most embarrassing and awkward moments in pageantry. But the fans of Pia Wurtzbach will surely forget all the bad feelings cause if you really think about it, who cares about the crowning moment?

We got the crown.