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Beauty Queens at the Birthday Party of Mama Renee Salud!

Dear readers: OMG, I think this has been the longest silence from ABQ ever! I haven’t posted anything in weeks! I do hope you will forgive me for I was abroad with family… Continue reading

Queens at the Red Carpet and Backstage at Bb. Pilipinas Gold 2013!

Here are individual shots of the beauty queens that I saw at the Red Carpet cocktails and backstage during the historic Bb. Pilipinas 50th anniversary beauty pageant. There are Queens in photos #4,… Continue reading

Photos of the Queen’s Parade in Bb. Pilipinas Gold 2013!

If you were there backstage at the start of the Bb. Pilipinas Gold 2013 beauty pageant, then you would have heard some 85 beauty queens whooping for joy! When the music started playing,… Continue reading

Queens Backstage Before the Parade at Bb. Pilipinas 2013!

If you’re a solid Bb. Pilipinas pageant fan, then I’m sure you’ve seen photos of the Queens’ Red Carpet entrance and our glorious Parade! But I’m guessing there are not too many backstage… Continue reading

Bb. Pilipinas Queens’ Parade Rehearsal Photos!

Dear ABQ Friends: After a full night’s rest, I can finally have the energy to upload some of the photos I took on my HTC 8x Phone Camera during the rehearsals for the… Continue reading

ABQ’s Photos at the Bb. Pilipinas Queens’ Reunion 2013!

Helloooo ABQ Readers! Just want to share with you photos of the beauties at the Bb. Pilipinas Queens’ Reunion last March 15, 2013 at Madame Stella Marquez Araneta’s home which is fondly called… Continue reading

Bb Pilipinas Batch 1985 Reunion Part Two!

It looks like our batch of Bb Pilipinas 1985 winners is going to make it a habit to reconnect whenever Tina Alcala, our Miss Young Philippines winner is in town. She is currently… Continue reading

Beauty Queens Gather for Mama Renee Salud’s Entieth Birthday!

Last January 17, 2012, M Cafe found itself swarming with beauty after the women of Renee Salud decided to celebrate his Entieth Birthday there! When I arrived, there were nearly 10 beauty queens… Continue reading

Bb. Pilipinas Batch 1985 Reunites After 25 years!

I was the first beauty queen to arrive at the Via Mare branch in Rockwell to meet up with my ‘court of beauty queens’. Yes, I was that excited to see all three… Continue reading