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Huffington Post Features Queenierich Rehman Miss World Philippines 2012!

ABQ is feeling fly ‘coz our homegirl Filipina Beauty Queen Queenierich Rehman is featured in the style section of Huffington Post for her funky Beatbox skillz which she showed off during the Talent… Continue reading

Elaine Kay Moll: An ABQ Top 12 Pick for Bb. Pilipinas 2012!

Bb. #15 Elaine Kay Moll – This elegant beauty from Catarman, Samar, is certainly no moll! She’s a DOLL and she’s taking her chances this year with the Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant after… Continue reading

ABQ’s Year-End Round-up: Top Ten Beauty Queen Stories for 2011!!!

When I stop to think about 2011 and the all the victories and awards the Philippines garnered in International Pageants, it takes my breath away. Imagine – all of the winners in our… Continue reading

Gwendoline Ruais Nails 3 Out of 5 Fast Tracks in Miss World 2011!

According to an ABQ’s reader, MWO made a mistake in the annoucement of the Beauty with a Purpose Fast Track. (See Comments Section).  Initially they said there were 10 finalists but then MWO… Continue reading

Gwendoline Ruais in Top 36 of Miss World 2011 Beach Beauty Fast Track!

Woke up to the smell of delicious Turkey Pastrami and the good news that Gwendoline Ruais, the Philippine representative to Miss World 2011 made into the Top 40 36 Beach Beauty Fast Track!… Continue reading

French Filipina Gwendoline Ruais to do Battle in Miss World 2011!

Thanks to a FLU bug, I got the chance to talk to Gwendoline Ruais our Miss World Philippines 2011! She was supposed to leave the day before I called her but the Flu… Continue reading

The Miss World Philippines 2011 Winner is… Gwendolyn Ruais!!!!

ABQ would like to congratulate the winners of Miss World Philippines 2011!!! MISS WORLD PHILIPPINES WINNER IS: Gwendolyn Ruais 1st Princess – #24 Nikette Henson 2nd Princess – #9 Martha McCulley 3rd Princess… Continue reading

ABQ’s Best Photos at the Miss World Philippines 2011 Beauty Pageant

Congratulations once again to French Filipinas beauty Gwendolyn Ruais for winning Miss World Philippines 2011! Gwendolyn Ruais has long been a favorite of mine from the time I first saw her compete in… Continue reading

The Miss World Philippines 2011 is… Gwendoline Ruais!!!!

Congratulations to Cory Quirino and her Miss World Philippines team for a VERY successful pageant. The Miss World Philippines franchise was formerly held by Bb. Pilipinas but now, with Cory Quirino holding the… Continue reading