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Metro Jewelry Offers Up to 50% Off on Diamonds etc. this Xmas!

My mother always told me that jewelry is one of the best investments a girl could make. To prove her point, she kept a simple yet lovely collection of jewelry that she would… Continue reading

Queens at the Red Carpet and Backstage at Bb. Pilipinas Gold 2013!

Here are individual shots of the beauty queens that I saw at the Red Carpet cocktails and backstage during the historic Bb. Pilipinas 50th anniversary beauty pageant. There are Queens in photos #4,… Continue reading

Queens Backstage Before the Parade at Bb. Pilipinas 2013!

If you’re a solid Bb. Pilipinas pageant fan, then I’m sure you’ve seen photos of the Queens’ Red Carpet entrance and our glorious Parade! But I’m guessing there are not too many backstage… Continue reading

Bb. Pilipinas Queens’ Parade Rehearsal Photos!

Dear ABQ Friends: After a full night’s rest, I can finally have the energy to upload some of the photos I took on my HTC 8x Phone Camera during the rehearsals for the… Continue reading

This Beauty Queen is Modeling at Boardwalk’s “One Big Show” !!!

Just got back home from rehearsals of Boardwalk‘s “One Big Show” and I’m just feeling so blessed that I am still modeling in this season of my life. What’s even more exciting is… Continue reading

Beauty Queens Maggie Wilson and Sandra Seifert Launch Solara Swimwear

Oh no! Still wearing last year’s swimsuit? Two Filipina beauty queens have come to your rescue! Bb. Pilipinas World¬† 2007 Maggie Wilson and Miss Earth Philippines 2009 Sandra Seifert have joined forces to… Continue reading

ABQ’s Best and Worst Beauty Queen Stories for 2010

Happy New Year to all you pageant fans (and non-fans)!!! ABQ is back after a three week Christmas break from writing. As I sit back and look on all the major major beauty… Continue reading

Beauty Queen Maggie Wilson’s Pre-Nuptial Video Fails to Shock ABQ

Because I don’t watch pornography or soft porn (I made a lifestyle decision many many years ago),¬† it took me a couple days to gather enough guts to watch the pre-nuptial video of… Continue reading

Blogging Beauty Queen in LOOK Magazine!!!

(That’s me, the blogging beauty queen on the left, LOLOLOL!!!) Oh my, they took faaaaaabulously good photos of me in LOOK MAGAZINE (May-June 2010) – unless you are a woman (or gay) you… Continue reading