Monthly Archive: June, 2009

So you wanna be a Beauty Queen? Here are 3 WINNING TIPS !

I’ve learned many lessons in the years after winning the Ms. Young Philippines and the Bb. Pilipinas Universe in the 80s; lessons that I wish I had known in those days. But it’s… Continue reading

Learn How to Make Your Blog EARN $$$ BUCKS !!!

Jomar Hilario is an Internet Marketing Wizard and consultant for author and motivational speaker Bo Sanchez. He has been my good friend for over 10 years and we share the same passion for… Continue reading

Mom of 3 Kids, Loses 100 lbs and Joins Mrs. Idaho!

Jill Knapp discovered she had Diabetes Type 2 when she was 37 years old and pregnant with her third child. After giving birth, doctors put her on a diet and exercise plan. Her… Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day to the BEAUTY KING!!!

FACT: Anybody who marries a queen becomes a king. ERGO: Anybody who marries a BEAUTY queen becomes a BEAUTY KING. FINAL ANALYSIS: My husband Ron is a BEAUTY KING!!! Happy Father’s Day to… Continue reading

Celebrate Father’s Day at CAJUN RED ROCK!!!

If you’re looking for a great place to take Dad to this Sunday, I highly recommend Cajun Red Rock – the atmosphere is family friendly, the servings are BIG and the prices are… Continue reading

My Dog’s Paw Got Skewered!!!

My darling she-mutt Bailey got into some bi-i-i-ig trouble last Sunday morning.  She somehow found a way to skewer her own paw on the wire fence of my cattery.  It wouldn’t have been… Continue reading

Tribute to DAD

Dad would’ve been 97 years old today if he were still roaming the planet. Yes, that was my Dad, a man suffering from wanderlust. As a result of his “condition” my sister and… Continue reading

Beauty Contestant’s Missing Sister Found Dead in a Metal Box

UPDATE: June 19, 2009 Manila, Philippines – Key witness Manuel Montero says that Ruby Rose was not the only victim of the Jimenez Family. He says there were othersw brutally strangled to death… Continue reading

Watch The Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 on ETC this June 14 !!!

I have been wanting to cover the 2009 Mossimo Bikini Summit but have been frustrated because I COULD NOT FIND THEIR OFFICIAL SUMMIT WEBSITE! There were several articles on PAST Summits but very… Continue reading

John Jay Cuay – SHAPING the Future of Filipina Beauty Queens

In my interview with former Bb. Pilipinas Universe Gionna Cabrera, the name of fitness trainer John Jay Cuay came up when we started to talk about body weight. Mine in particular. She said,… Continue reading