Monthly Archive: April, 2010

The New Ms Earth Philippines Winner will PSYCHE You Out!!!

Today, April 26, 2010 must be a glorious day for our new Ms Philippines Earth 2010 Kris Psyche Resus! Her face is on the front page of every major Philippine newspaper BUT reality… Continue reading

ABQ Review on SPRINGS of Living Water Retreat and Seminar Center, Antipolo

Are you looking for a retreat house or seminar center far enough from Metro Manila¬† but near enough for people to commute to? Then Springs of Living Water Retreat and Seminar Center in… Continue reading

Presenting: The Miss Philippines Earth 2010 Winners!!!

Click here to see who won in Miss Earth 2010 in Vietnam! Click here to find out more about our new Ms Philippines Earth 2010 winner – Kris Psyche Resus! A throbbing headache… Continue reading

Nikette Henson: “All 5 Bb. Pilipinas Winners are Being Trained”

While everyone was raging over the dethronement and then the conditional reinstatement of Ma. Venus Raj, one girl was keeping a stiff upper lip doing her best to remain cool and beautiful through… Continue reading

Ma. Venus Raj Goes Ahead with Training for Miss Universe

The very thing I have been praying for – a healed relationship between Ma. Venus Raj and Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc. – seems to have been granted. In this Manila Bulletin article released… Continue reading

ABQ Teaches Purposeful Blogging at Media Missionary Bootcamp!

A big chunk of my life today as a former beauty queen is spent in Media Missions. My current passion is teaching non-techhies (like myself) how to blog purposefully. One of my top… Continue reading

Ma. Venus Raj: My Reinstatement Shouldn’t Come with Conditions

I finally have the formal statement of Ma. Venus Raj to Bb Pilipinas Charities Inc. Here it is in full. Her press conference this morning was well attended with GMA 7 and ABS-CBN… Continue reading

Ma. Venus Raj’s Formal Statement to BPCI

Drat! I wasn’t able to make it to Venus’ press conference this morning but thankfully I was sent a copy of her statement. It is a GUTSY statement that tosses the ball into… Continue reading

Ma. Venus Raj Snubs Miss Universe Training?

I have been keeping track of Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2010 Ma.Venus Raj’s progress as she works on amending her birth certificate. One of her close friends informed me that she just arrived in… Continue reading

ABQ Checks Out Miss Philippines Earth 2010 Candidates #1-10

CLICK HERE TO SEE WINNERS!!! ******************************* Now that the Ma. Venus Raj issue has ended well, I can focus on the next big thing in Philippine Beauty Pageantry: The Miss Earth 2010 candidates!!!… Continue reading