Monthly Archive: April, 2009

Part 2 of My Dog’s Head in Jar – The Rescue

Okay, here’s part 2. Poor darling was so stunned after what happened that he was as sweet as a kitten for the rest of the day. LOL!!! You can view Part 1 by… Continue reading

My Dog’s Head Trapped in a JAR!!!

OMG!!!  I thought this only happened in America!!!  My poor mongrel of 8 years, Prince stuck his schnoz into an empty Whey Protein can and got stuck.  It must have smelled so gooood… Continue reading

Beauty Queen’s TOP 7 Ms. Bikini Phils Contestants

Bikini Season is NOW and Slimmer’s World is in the midst of it’s very own pageant, The Miss Bikini Philippines! Two major winners will be selected to represent the Philippines in the Miss… Continue reading

Beauty Queen’s Top 6 Super Bods

Tuna is in the air (at least in Boracay) as Century Tuna’s SUPERBODs Contest approaches Pageant Night- MAY 2, 2009! Just a few thoughts: 1) The contestants need to eat MORE TUNA!!! Some… Continue reading

TONI DAYA, Bb. Pilipinas Tourism 1988, in Charity Work

Former beauty queen, Toni Daya, may be living far far away from home but she hasn’t forgotten The Philippines!!! Together with her hubby Scott Luetgers,  she put up a charity foundation in Georgia… Continue reading

Stations of the Cross ONLINE Part 2 (12-14)

Click HERE to read Part I Before I continue with my blog, here is an amazing photo I found on Alex Patton’s blog: Click Alex’s blog for more information… AND NOW>>> here’s… Continue reading

Stations of the Cross ONLINE (1-11)

Finally got to visit Church Simplified’s WALKWAY – an installation art version of the Stations of the Cross at the Bonifacio High Street at The Fort. The stations are spread out across the… Continue reading