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Disappointed with Kris TV’s Interview of Janine Tugonon and Boyfriend Jaypee Santos

Two or three days ago my daughter told me about the interview that Miss Universe 2012 1st Runner-up Janine Tugonon had on Kris TV where she casually talked about trouble brewing between her… Continue reading

ABQ’s Photos at the Bb. Pilipinas Queens’ Reunion 2013!

Helloooo ABQ Readers! Just want to share with you photos of the beauties at the Bb. Pilipinas Queens’ Reunion last March 15, 2013 at Madame Stella Marquez Araneta’s home which is fondly called… Continue reading

Janine Tugonon and ABQ on Boy Abunda’s Bottom Line on Saturday, January 19, 2013!

ABQ had the opportunity to be a Bottom Liner at Boy Abunda’s talk show The Bottom Line. And the topic OF COURSE was beauty pageants and Janine Tugonon’s 1st Runner-up victory at the… Continue reading

ABQ’s Year-End Review: The Highlights and Headlines of 2013!

After the successful years of VenusRaj (2010) and Shamcey Supsup (2011) who woulda thunk that Philippine beauty queens could do even better in 2012? Janine Tugonon certainly showed us a thing or two… Continue reading

“Miss Philippines had the Best Answer! So Why did USA Win Miss Universe 2012?”

“Miss Philipines had the Best Answer! So Why did USA Win Miss Universe 2012?” That seems to be the major, major question being asked by all who watched the Holiday Edition of Miss… Continue reading

Miss Universe 2012 is OLIVIA CULPO of the USA; Philippines is 1st Runner-up! ABQ’s Review and Results of Miss Universe 2012!

Waiting for the Miss Universe 2012 beauty pageant to start was so nerve-wracking for me, I felt like I was on 10 cups of coffee. At the moment, I am chatting with other… Continue reading

Guess Who’s #1 in You Tube Views at Miss Universe 2012? Janine Tugonon of the Philippines!

As I was counting down the hours and minutes to the coronation of the Miss Universe 2012, I started wondering how the 89 contestants were faring in terms of garnering You Tube Views.… Continue reading

ABQ’s FINAL Top 15 Choices in Miss Universe 2012!

Okay. This IS the FINAL list. I am exhausted after all the deciding but very happy with my choices. BTW, this list will be featured in Rappler, I’m so thrilled! Now… there were… Continue reading

ABQ’s Best Evening Gown Performances in Miss Universe 2012!

The Prelims of the Miss Universe 2012 just blew this blogger away – from the rambunctious audience, the elegant stage to the Snow Queen lights and the great hosts, I was so entertained!… Continue reading

ABQ’s 20 Favorite Video Vixens in Miss Universe 2012! (Based on Web Interviews)

Here are my favorite contestants based on the Web Interviews! I am pleased to note that I have SO MANY choices in this category and it simply means that the Miss Universe 2012… Continue reading