My AWESOME PowerCell Lifting Experience at The Zen Institute!

Right before my PowerCell Lift procedure at the Zen Institute in Quezon CityAs an actress and beauty queen, skin care is one of my top priorities. Unfortunately, aging, gravity and sun exposure are my biggest challenges. My cheeks are slowly travelling downward and I can almost see jowls on my jaws. And dear me, my nasolabial folds – the deep lines that bracket my smile! They are growing deeper by the day.

I need derma intervention!

Yet at the same time, I don’t ever want to look fake and puffed up with Botox and fillers. I know that every line on my face tells a beautiful story and every scar I bear shows my strength. While I am proud of my age I also want to look fresh so I promised myself that if ever I had any face lift or procedure done, it would have to be minimally invasive with the goal of LOOKING NATURAL.

So when Dr. MJ Torres, the owner and lead dermatologist at The Zen Institute told me about “PowerCell Lifting” – a face-lift that is minimally invasive with instant results – I got so excited and booked a date. What exactly is PowerCell Lifting? It involves threading certain parts of your face (using the thinnest of needles) to stimulate the production of collagen – the stuff that keeps you young and fresh!

Here is my before and after photo:

Left Photo is Before the Procedure. Right Photo was taken about 45 minutes after the procedure. I have no make up on and did not alter the photos in any way.

Left – Before the Procedure. Right – taken 45 minutes after the procedure.                            I have no make-up on and did not alter the photos in any way.

The long and short of it is – I am COMPLETELY happy with the subtle lift of my face! I still look natural and very much like myself, just fresher and a tad younger!


Guys, if there is anyone who is deathly afraid of needles AND pain, it is ME. I have been deeply traumatized since childhood and by frequent visits to the dentist. But thankfully I am made of steel and can put my game face on whenever I have to have an injection or blood test.

So with trepidation in my heart but determination in my mind, I went though my first ever ‘alternative face-lift’ involving needles and here is what happened:

  1. RESOLIFT TREATMENT – First thing – a quick Resolift for Facial Contouring treatment. After cleaning my face, they put something like KY Jelly and warmed up my face with a little flat iron that looks similar to what they use in ultrasounds. This took about 20 minutes or so.
  2. ANAESTHETIC APPLICATION – Now, time to start the PowerCell Lift – They applied anaesthetic all over my cheeks down to my jaw, chin and under-chin. Then they covered the anaesthesized areas with something like Saran wrap. I think I had to wait for about 30 minutes for the anaesthetic to be in full effect. I was quite nervous so I put some relaxing music on my phone. (I chose Final Fantasy 7 songs, piano versions.)
  3.  THREADING TIME – Finally, the handsome Dr. Red came to begin the actual procedure. I was so scared of the needles but the anaesthetic was quite effective. Closing my eyes throughout also helped! As the doctor started threading my face with the thinnest of needles, I could only feel something like teeny tiny ant-bites. Very very tolerable. To help minimize pain, the nurse used an ice compress on the areas being threaded. Doc. Red says the threads are left behind under my skin to stimulate collagen production. These  thread will eventually melt away.
    Left side is unthreaded. Right side (with the white marks) is threaded. You can see the slight lift on the threaded half. AMAZING!

    HALFWAY THROUGH THE PROCEDURE: Left side is unthreaded. Right side (with white marks) is threaded. You can see the slight lift on the threaded half. AMAZING!

    PAIN SCALE – On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say that the pain was a 2. A couple times it reached 3. But even then it was very very tolerable. I was thankful that Doc Red had a light hand. He would stop if I felt any discomfort. The threading part lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. It was FAST!

With Dr. Red at the Quezon CIty branch of the Zen Institute.

Meet Dr. Red, the very handsome dermatologist who handled my PowerCell Lift. He is a fan of beauty pageants so we got along quite well. He has a light hand and was very careful not to hurt me. This photo was taken right after the procedure at the Quezon City branch of the Zen Institute.

POST PROCEDURE OBSERVATIONS – After the entire procedure was done, they cleansed my face again and took photos! The result was instantaneous and very natural!! Dr. Red said that the lift effect will get even in better in the coming days.

MY PAIN LEVELS AFTER ANAESTHETIC WORE OFF – I discovered that I had no need for a painkiller even if Dr. Red advised me to take some. But my cheeks did feel a little raw and if I smiled too widely, it would feel uncomfortable. He also warned that there could be some mild bruising but the next morning, I could only see small pin pricks where the needles entered and exited my face. No bruising, thank God! Pain was also less the day after but my face still felt a little ‘heavy’ and prickly.

To sum it all up – I am very pleased with the PowerCell Lift procedure at the Zen Institute. It was far less scary than I imagined. And more importantly – I still look like myself. I’m very happy! I recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to have a face-lift but doesn’t want to look fake.

To book at free consultation at the Zen Institute call the following numbers:

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***Remember to always do your own research and ask questions. Each woman has her own journey to beauty and her own individual needs and physiology. You need take all that into account before selecting and going through any kind of medical procedure.