Beauty Queens React to Ma. Venus Raj’s Dethronement

Note*** All the people interviewed in this post were under the impression that Bb. Pilipinas discovered Venus Raj’s curious birth history AFTER she won. Eventually, we learned that Venus Raj had told BPCI from the very start. Please take this into consideration when reading this article.


Bb Pilipinas’ dethronement of it’s Universe 2010 winner, Ma. Venus Raj, has hit a sensitive nerve among pageant fans and observers.

I took some time out to ask some of my Beauty Queen friends and Beauty Queen lovers to see what they thought about the whole issue of Ma. Venus Raj losing her crown due to inconsistencies in her birth certificate.

Here’s what they have to say:

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Pamela Bianca Manalo (Bb Pilipinas Universe 2009)

(Bianca was the one who crowned Ma. Venus Raj on the night she won the Bb. Pilipinas Universe title)

Pamela Bianca Manalo

I was shocked.

The first thing that came to my mind was this – the birth certificate is a requirement (from the start) so how come they found out about it only now?

I feel sad for her because hindi man lang umabot ng 1 month.

All I can say to Ma. Venus Raj is – life must go on. There are better things in store for her. Maybe this is just a blessing in disguise.

Gionna Cabrera (Bb Pilipinas Universe 2005, Miss Photogenic Universe 2005)

Gionna Cabrera

It is appalling.

The best thing to do for her is to settle her legal complaints and accept the veto.

Ma Venus Raj will still be Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2010 in the people’s hearts, but Nikette Henson (Ma. Venus Raj’s replacement) is fated to represent the country in the Miss Universe 2010.

Best wishes to both ladies!

Liza Berroya (Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1992)

Liza Berroya

First of all, just so you know where I’m coming from, let me tell you that I’m a stickler for following rules. If I’m driving late at night with no other car on the road and I come upon a red light, I stop. And I don’t proceed til the light changes.

Having said that, and based on what little I know  about this matter, I believe that it was wrong that Ma. Venus Raj’s birth certificate was falsified. Regardless of who did it. In my opinion it’s either you qualify or you don’t. If you have to tweak the truth here and there just to be able to comply with the pageant’s requirements, then you’re trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Pardon me for saying this, but the problem with our society today is that we’ve become much too permissive. We take lying so lightly that when we’re faced with issues such as these, people somehow blame Bb Pilipinas for not doing a thorough enough background check, while just glossing over the fact that it’s the contest’s obligation to be truthful. A beauty queen should be morally upright, a good role model for young women to emulate.

It’s sad that Ma. Venus Raj was dethroned. But whoever falsified those documents must have had an inkling that this could have happened way before the whole ugly truth was brought to light. For all you know, if they were up front with Bb. Pilipinas about the birth certificate from the start, Bb Pilipinas could have weighed the situation and still allowed Ma. Venus Raj to join. I hear she’s a strong contender for the Miss Universe title. I think, more than anyone, Bb Pilipinas would want the Philippines to produce another Miss Universe.

But when these issues come to light AFTER the coronation, Bb. Pilipinas doesn’t have much room to maneuver. At the end of the day, it’s Bb. Piipinas Charities’ prerogative whether or not to extend grace and still allow Ma. Venus Raj to keep her title. clearly, they’ve made their position known. Quite tactfully and lovingly, I might add.

So the short of the long of it is this: somebody lied, and this is the consequence of that lie.

As for Ma. Venus Raj, she’s a beautiful girl with a lot going for her: a lovely physique and brains to boot! I believe she has the potential to go far in life, with or without the crown.

Michelle Oblea (Miss Philippines Earth Water 2008.)

Michelle Oblea

(Michelle competed alongside Ma Venus Raj in the Miss Earth 2008. Michelle won the title mentioned above while Venus won the Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism title.)

Ma Venus Raj is very deserving of the crown and i know she would do good in the Miss Universe competition and fulfilling her other duties. Venus is a very nice girl and a very good friend. We were like sisters in Miss Earth Philippines.

I will admit that she was the nicest among us in our batch and I think everyone will agree too. And more than being a farm girl which they think she is, Ma. Venus Raj graduated cum laude. She really is a wonderful woman.

All I can say now is that maybe God has a better plan for her.

But just to make it clear, I have nothing against Nikette Henson (Ma. Venus Raj’s replacement). I know that she is equally deserving. She and Venus were my favorites while I was watching Bb. Pilipinas. I heard from a friend that Nikette also graudated cum laude and that her thesis won an award and in spite of all that she remains humble. Plus, I think she is very pretty too, I am equally amazed by her.

Alma Concepcion (Bb. Pilipinas International 1994)

Alma Concepcion

I empathize with Ma. Venus Raj.

I know what happened is very disappointing. I was surprised over the dethronement because I think strictness on documents should be done before the pageant. I think Bb. Pilipinas Charities should make sure that all their candidates are qualified and have complete documents before the pageant because dethroning someone is really painful for her and her family and supporters. I wish Ma. Venus Raj well in whatever hardships she is going through.

I also wish Nikette Henson (who took Venus’ place) the best of luck in the Miss Universe 2010. She’s beautfiful and people say we look alike!

Peachy Sacasas (Bb. Pilipinas International 1981)

Peachy Sacasas

I really don’t know what the real situations is but all I can say is for Bb Pilipinas to make sure that they they ask for all the documents from the candidates upon joining the contest to avoid all sorts of embarrassment and inconvenience.

The organizers should be responsible enough to look into all legal aspects since the rules are coming from them.

Make the rules clear and ask for documents.

Carlene Ang Aguilar (Bb Pilipinas World 2005)

Carlene Ang Aguilar

It’s sad but then again there are rules to follow so let’s all just support the one who’ll represent the country.


Camilla Kim Galvez (MRS Philippines Universe 2008 2009/ MRS Universe 2nd Runner-up 2008 2009)

Camilla Kim Galvez

Of course I would appeal to the organization (Bb. Pilipinas) if I were Ma. Venus Raj.

But whatever the outcome, I would abide by the organization’s final decision.

Even if I wouldn’t be able to represent the country in the Ms Universe pageant,  I would still continue to be an ambassadress for our culture and our country and be an inspiration to other women.


Jane Banares (Mutya ng Pilipinas International 2009)

Jane Banares

I really felt bad for what happened to Ma Venus Raj. She really deserves the crown because she worked hard for it and the Bb Pilipinas Universe title really fits her because I think she would do good in the Miss Universe pageant kung di lang siya na-dethrone.

Even if we are not that close, I was so happy and proud when she got the crown. Actually, I planned to watch it (Bb Pilipinas 2010 Coronation Night) live kaya lang I had to go somewhere else that day.

We had the same handler in Bicol and we did a pictorial together. I really admire her. Ang galing mag-project and ang ganda ng body sobra. Actually, madalas kaming mapagkamalang isang tao lang before nung klot pa siya. Maybe because we have the sam aura. Sayang talaga but maybe God has plans for her. Anyway, it’s Bb Pilipinas’ loss, not hers.

So to Ma. Venus Raj, cheer up manai, we love and support you, God Bless!

Rene Salud (Fashion Designer and Beauty Queen Maker)

Rene Salud

The best way to handle the controversy at this point is through legal means. Bb Pilipinas has rules and regulations that need to be followed.

For Ma. Venus Raj, all I can say is that beauty pageants are just the start and not the end of one’s career. She should continue doing the things that come with being once crowned a Bb. Pilipinas Universe winner.

Besides, everybody knows about her now – this issue has only made her more famous. She should use this to her advantage.

John Jay Cuay (“Fitness Instructor to the Beauty Queens”)

John Jay Cuay

Ma. Venus Raj deserves the crown.

She is Filipina in all aspects, having lived in the country more than half her life.

As her friend, I know how she put her life and soul on hold just to join Bb. Pilipinas. Why the checking of her legalities just now after winning? They could have done that prior to her becoming one of the official candidates.

I am so sad at this scenario.

Felix Manuel (Philippine Star’s Beauty Expert/ Missosologist OPMB Worldwide Member /Registered Nurse based in New York)

Me with Felix Manuel

I am saddened by what happened.

Both ladies (Ma. Venus Raj and her replacement Nikette Henson) are very dear to me. I would advise her (Ma Venus Raj) to consult her lawyers, they know the legal aspect of her case.

It is indeed wise of her not to comment for the meantime to avoid further complicating the issue. Many people are frustrated and there is too much bashing on the internet.

I am praying for Ma Venus Raj and Nikette Henson.

Jonas Yu (Beauty Pageant correspondent)

Jonas Yu

I am deeply saddened by Ma Venus Raj’s dethronement.

I hope Bb Pilipinas Charities will take into consideration the mental anguish and the ordeal she had to face.


Kat Kattera (Blog Author of The Beauty of Almost Everything)

Kat Kattera

I got shocked with the news!

Ma. Venus Raj was my ultimate bet for the Bb. Pilipinas Universe crown! I also know that it was her dream and I can’t imagine the pain!

On the other hand, Nikette Henson (Ma. Venus Raj’s replacement) is also a fave and I am excited for her!

I just hope that Bb. Pilipinas Charities thought about this a million times before deciding to pursue the decision.

My advice to her? I know it’s hard but Ma. Venus Raj should share her skills to future queens.

Mr FU (Energy FM DJ and TV host)

Mr. FU!

This is not the first time that they dethroned a queen. I hope they will evaluate candidates well to avoid this incident.

For Ma. Venus Raj, learn from this experience. Let go and move on.

Korona lang yan. Dami pa available dyan… hahaha… may ganon?


Joee Guilas (Business News TV Anchor)

Joee Guilas

It is an issue that has now been elevated to the legal system and at this point, there’s nothing much that Ma. Venus Raj and her fans can do other than wish for the best – – and that is her eventual re-instatement.

In the meantime, the best thing for Ma. Venus Raj to do is to just let the wheels of justice decide on her fate and while waiting for the final outcome, exert effort in further improving herself. Any kind of personal development will serve her well whether she gets the crown back or not. She should not let all the negativity get the better of her, after all, the whole world knows that she is the rightfully crowned Bb. Pilipinas Universe for this year.