ABQ’s Best and Worst Beauty Queen Stories of 2009

Wow!!! I still can’t believe I am actually writing my very own TOP 10 List. When I began this blog in January of 2009, I had no idea that so many people would drop by and check it out. My biggest views per day was right after the Miss Universe contest – I logged in nearly 8,000 views! I was left astounded with that number. Of course, the bigger pageant blogs like OPMB, Crtical Beauty and Hector Joaquin’s blog must be doing 10 times that everyday, but I still feel so blessed to see such stats on my humble little WordPress!!!

I originally began Adventures of a Beauty Queen as a personal diary (but not too personal it you get my drift) of…   um…  my adventures (LOL!!!) But a couple months into blogging I got inspired to start covering pageants and interviewing Filipina Beauty Queens. Then I attended a couple of blogging seminars, read several blogging books and voila! The numbers started piling up. Not bad at all for a non-techie like me!

So, here are my Best and Worst Beauty Queen Stories of 2009. If you think I missed anything significant, drop a note in the comment box!!!

Bratty Queen Carrie Prejean

Carrie Prejean

1) BRATTY QUEEN – MISS USA 2009 FIRST RUNNER-UP CARRIE PREJEAN – After giving Perez Hilton a slightly ditzy answer against gay marriage during her Q&A in the Miss USA contest, Carrie Prejean shot to fame and became the most famous First-Runner up in Beauty Queen history. I originally was supportive of her but after her bratty display on Larry King Live, I have withdrawn all hope for this chick.


Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez

2) CHEERS TO VENEZUELA’S BACK TO BACK WIN AT THE MISS UNIVERSE 2009 – They won in 2008. They won again in 2009. Is that fair? I don’t know, but what I DO know is that the beautiful contestants from Venezuela go to extremes just to win beauty pageants.


Donald Trump

3) JEERS TO MISS UNIVERSE 2009 FOR EXCLUDING ASIANS IN THE SEMIFINALS!!! – Ok, fine, so Ms Philippines didn’t place at all. But why didn’t ANY of the other Asians make it either? S’up with THAT Donald Trump?


April Love Jordan

4) FILIPINA APRIL LOVE JORDAN WINS THE 2009 INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY & MODEL FESTIVAL – Although this festival is not one of the BIG 4 beauty pageants, winning it is still commendable. Before April Love Jordan won this contest, though, she was a Bb. Pilipinas 2009 semi-finalist. I think she should have made it to the Top 5. You Go GRRRRL!!!!


Camilla Kim Galvez

Camilla Kim Galvez

5) FILIPINA CAMILLA KIM SHINES IN MRS. UNIVERSE 2009! – My dear friend Camilla Kim Galvez won 2nd Runner-Up in the MRS. Universe 2009 Beauty Pageant and made the Philippines proud in Latvia when she was invited to sing at a local Music Festival. Camilla was a former ANC reporter and is now one of the co-hosts for CBN Asia’s 700 Club Philippines.

Another MRS who shined for the Philippines in the Mrs. World 2009 contest – actress and businesswoman Daisy Reyes!!


Joji Felix Velarde, RIP


Joji Felix VelardeDied at age 73. Was Ms Caltex RPM (1950s), Ms Aviation 1954 and VP for Miss Earth’s Carousel Productions.

Edith Rabat – Miss Philippines 1956

Myrna PanlilioFirst ever Bb. Pilipinas winner passes on at age 66.


Miss Argentina Solange Magnano

Miss Argentina Solange Magnano

7) ARGENTINA BEAUTY QUEEN DIES AFTER BUTT SURGERY – Another story in the RIP category. It is also a warning to those who go to any length to get that perfect body part.


Sandra Seifert

8) FILIPINA SANDRA SEIFERT PLACES 1ST RUNNER-UP IN MISS EARTH 2009! – Sandra Seifert, who was disqualified from Bb. Pilipinas for a racy photo spread she did in FHM Magazine went on to join and win the Ms Earth Philippines 2009.

In the Miss Earth 2009 in Boracay, Sandra Seifert almost gave the Philippines a back-to-back win but Ms Brazil took the top spot. A good fight, IMHO!!!

Another Beauty Queen who did well in her international pageant – Bb. Pilipinas International 2009 Melody Gersbach entered the semi-finals of the Miss International 2009 Beauty Pageant.


Pamela Bianca Manalo

9) BB. PILIPINAS UNIVERSE 2009 PAMELA BIANCA MANALO: HOTTEST SEARCH NAME! – Although this gorgeous former flight attendant did not place in the Miss Universe 2009 pageant, she was last year’s MOST searched Filipina beauty queen online.


Miriam Quiambao

10) MIRIAM QUIAMBAO AND OTHER BEAUTY QUEENS VOLUNTEER DURING ONDOY! – Yessiree!!! Beauty Queens are willing to drop their crowns and roll up their sleeves to help those in need! Miriam Quiambao on behalf of World Vision was one of the most active volunteers and the Miss Earth beauties also helped out with relief operations for Ondoy victims.



Rochelle Barrameda

NON-BEAUTY-QUEEN STORY OF 2009 – “Beauty Queen” Rochelle Barrameda’s sister is finally found. Ruby Rose Barrameda was murdered and packed into a cement-filled barrel then dropped into the Manila Bay. The story is indeed a horrific one and it topped the headlines for several days.

However, I still am searching for proof that Rochelle Barrameda was indeed a Beauty Queen. I have searched the Mutya, the Bb Pilipinas and Ms Earth candidate lists for her name but haven’t found it. If anyone can confirm what her title is or if she ever joined a pageant, I’d be VERRRRY grateful!