Christi McGarry will Keep Her Bb. Intercontinental Crown!


Woke up to good news from my favorite pageant blogger Norman at regarding the confusion over Christi McGarry’s Intercontinental crown!

To refresh your memory, Christi was crowned Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental 2015 last Sunday (March 15) but pageant fans thought she was ineligible for that particular crown because she had already competed in that international pageant in 2010. She even placed in the Top 15 and scored the special award of Queen of Asia and Oceania.

We all naturally thought that she wouldn’t be allowed to compete again in the said international tilt. But after reading Norman’s update,  we now know that she can represent the Philippines again!

I am pleased with this outcome!  At first it seemed like a swap of titles with Supranational winner Rogelie Catacutan was the solution. But after I thought about it,  I realized that that it wouldn’t be fair to Rogelie, her team and her supporters. Unless of course she welcomed it.

Proposals for one of the runners up to compete at Intercontinental in Christi’s place also seemed unfair to me. Then, I starting thinking that perhaps the organizers of Miss Intercontinental had no rules against repeaters. And it seems like that is indeed the case after reading Norman’s blog.

I am relieved indeed! Yahooooo!

Now I’m wondering – will our Christi Mcgarry hold the record of being the only beauty to compete twice in Miss Intercontinental?  Any of you human pageant encyclopedias know?

And wouldn’t it just be fabulous if she beats her own record at Miss Intercontinental by winning the title this time around?  Gosh, I am now soooo excited for the outcome of this pageant!!!