To – Do Not Ever Quote my Blog Again Without Permission

Dear Readers:

I discovered this morning, March 17, 2015, that a particular article I wrote on Christi McGarry was quoted by Pep heavily in one of their articles. They did not ask for my permission. While I do not normally mind the press quoting me, I do mind it IF I AM HEAVILY QUOTED WITHOUT PERMISSION.

I will state it here clearly – this blog and this author is 100% in support of Christi McGarry and 100% in support of Bb. Pilipinas. I am praying for a win-win solution regarding the confusion over her Intercontinental crown.

To Pep – relationships are key if you want to be a good and respected journalist. And unfortunately you have taken the first step in destroying your relationship with me. Please do not quote me or my blog again unless I give you permission.

Joyce Ann Burton Titular