My Crownable 3 – Ann Lorraine, Hannah Ruth and Wynwyn for the WIN!

My next three favorites after Pia Wurtzbach and Janicel Lubina are:

Ann Lorraine Colis, Hannah Sison and Wynwyn Marquez for the Supranational, Intercontinental and Tourism Crowns.

Left to right: Bb. # 24 Ann Colis, Bb. # 28 Hannah Sison and Bb. #34 Wynwyn Marquez

Left to right: Bb. # 24 Ann Colis, Bb. # 28 Hannah Sison and Bb. #34 Wynwyn Marquez

But among the three of them I think Ann Lorraine Colis is the biggest threat to my Top 2 Pia and Janicel.

What I like about Ann Lorraine Colis:

Ann Lorraine Colis, Binibini # 24

Ann Lorraine Colis, Binibini # 24

First of all, Ann Lorraine Colis resembles Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2000 winner Nina Ricci Alagao but has a softer look. Soft is always good if you’re aiming to be a beauty queen. Second, Ann Lorraine is a fresh face in Bb. Pilipinas; that alone has its own charm. And third – she has a winning smile. It is this winning smile that makes me wonder if she could be a possible Bb. Pilipinas Universe winner. I remember feeling the same way about Shamcey’s smile when she competed in 2011.

What I like about Hannah Sison:

Hannah Ruth Sison, Binibini #28

Hannah Ruth Sison, Binibini #28

I am always overwhelmed by the glow of Hannah Ruth Sison. She is a three-peater in Bb. Pilipinas and I think the only reason why she hasn’t won a crown yet is that she has this slightly awkward thing going on. She is either too sure of herself or not sure enough. But I can see past that awkward layer of hers and I just hope the judges see past it too. I hope they don’t see it at all!

What I like about Wynwyn Marquez:

Teresita Ssen 'Wynwyn' Marquez, Binibini #34

Teresita Ssen ‘Wynwyn’ Marquez, Binibini #34

Teresita Ssen ‘Wynwyn’ Marquez , I daresay, is the best spokesperson out of all the 34 candidates and would be perfect as a Tourism ambassador. She has a level head and knows what’s going on in the Philippines and in the world. And she happens to be beautiful. Of course her celebrity status is helpful but not an assurance that she will win. Bb. Pilipinas is immune to the spell of fame. But it seems like she is not depending on her popularity… I’ve spoken to Melanie Marquez, her aunt, and it seems like Wynwyn knows that the road to the crown won’t be a cakewalk.


There are just a couple things more that I’d like to say. I truly hope that there will be no intrigues again with Miss Intercontinental – so many complained about the way that international pageant was judged last year. It has cast a huge shadow of doubt on the credibility of the franchise. This affects the contestants who are simply innocent parties in the whole deal.

My other hope is that our Tourism winner will have an international pageant to go to. If not, then she should be allowed to compete again if she wishes. Past winners like Parul Shah and Katrina Dimaranan have been left to hang dry with their empty titles. Now if BPCI cant find an international pageant to send the Tourism winner to, then she should be allowed to compete again in Bb. Pilipinas if she wishes to. Agree?