Janicel Lubina vs. Pia Wurtzbach for Bb. Pilipinas’ Universe 2015 Crown!

#10 Pia Wurtzbach vs #11 Janicel Lubina

#10 Pia Wurtzbach vs #11 Janicel Lubina

I wonder if these two top contenders feel the friction of being next to each other in the numerical order of Binibinis this year. Pia is number 10 and Janicel, number 11, is right at her heels.

Photos above from the photoblog “In Dencio’s Eyes”

Adding fire to the friction is that they come from different beauty queen camps that are fiercely competitive with each other. Both too are pageant veterans with Janicel Lubina having a string of pageant titles and Pia Wurtzbach having competed twice already in Bb. Pilipinas and knows the ropes well.

But all that shouldn’t matter in the eyes of judges who care not about such things but are looking for the right girl for each title at stake.

Janicel Lubina, Binibini #11

Janicel Lubina, Binibini #11

I think that Janicel Lubina is near-perfect for the Bb. Pilipinas’ Universe title; near-perfect because MU wants a spokesperson who happens to be beautiful. Janicel has the beautiful part down pat with a Cinderella story to boot… but spokesperson she is not – at least not yet. With a few more months of training she should be capable enough, though. And, IMHO, she should make use of an interpreter just like many of the South American beauties who can speak some English but choose to have an interpreter to buy time and to be able to express themselves better.

Read my article on Janicel when I first met her a couple years ago.

Pia Wurtzbach, Binibini #10

Pia Wurtzbach, Binibini #10

I also believe in Pia Wurtzbach, that she could be an amazing rep to the Miss Universe pageant. She’s got the whole package, plus, the ability to look like a Swiss bank account in the right gown.  The past five years, since Venus Raj, we’ve always felt, and rightly so, that our weakness is the long gown competition. Well… Pia Wurtzbach will eat them alive. She doesn’t even have to be fierce to look like a million bucks. She just naturally looks like royalty.

Photo above from Sash Factor, check them out here…

And I did say ‘the right gown’ right? Whoever wins whatever title, my sincerest hope this year is that Bb. Pilipinas would go Pinoy with our competitive gowns. Not just the National Costume. But the gowns as well.

As for the Bb. Pilipinas International title, either Janicel or Pia would do well as the winner. Just my thoughts. I think the Japanese franchise would love the dark sultry vixen-like beauty of Janicel. Pia would also be a hot item in the Land of the Rising Sun, I think. They have such opposite looks but both girls leave audiences with the same wide-eyed, breathless reaction.

The one thing I hope does not happen is this: that Janicel Lubina gets anything lower than Bb. Pilipinas’ Universe or International title. Better that she lands a runner-up position so that she can compete again. Once a contestant has won a Bb. Pilipinas crown, she can’t compete in the pageant again. And Janicel is clearly Miss Universe material; we have to save her for that.

So if I were the goddess of pageants, I’d make Pia win the Bb. Pilipinas Universe title this year but have Janicel place as a runner-up. Train her for a full year then have her join again and win in 2016.

But I’m just a human being (and a beauty queen) so I can only wish…