Janicel, Christi and Hannah… ABQ’s Favorites at the Bb. Pilipinas 2015 Press Presentation!

After a long hiatus from attending pageant events, I find myself with free time to go see the Bb. Pilipinas press presentation of their official candidates for 2015. I did no research before watching and stayed away from the internet. I needed to see the girls with fresh eyes, as much as possible, free from the hype of fans.

So here are my top choices but ONLY FOR THE PRESS PRESENTATION.

Bb. Pilipinas Contestant #11

Janicel Lubina

Bb. Pilipinas Contestant #11 Janicel Lubina

Bb. Pilipinas Contestant #11 Janicel Lubina

When Janicel Lubina stepped out on stage and attacked the runway, the beauty queens sitting on my table quickly asked me who she was. They were stunned by her liquid movement and electric presence. I gave them a quick rundown on the humble beginnings of Janicel – that she was the daughter of a kasambahay and gasoline boy but was discovered by a local talent agent in Palawan where they lived. He trained Janicel for pageants and she has been winning them since. Eyebrows shot up at my description but only with astonishment, not dismay.

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Somehow, this Palawena beauty can look larger than life when on stage. The first thing you notice is her long…. and I mean really long legs. Then you notice her straight hair flipping in the air like a shampoo ad. Finally your eyes settle on her face which, I tell you, is sweet up-close but fierce from afar. Janicel Lubina’s presence expands on stage and contracts when she is in front of you. It almost like as if she knows that her beauty will overwhelm you if she gets too close so she telescopes herself accordingly.

The beauty queens were not the only ones impressed. Some of the media folks I spoke to said that their first choice so far is this girl. For ABQ she had the best performance and audience reaction at the Bb. Pilipinas 2015 Press Presentation.


Bb. Pilipinas 2015 Contestant #19 Christi Lynn McGarry

Bb. Pilipinas Contestant #19 Christi Lynn McGarry

Bb. Pilipinas Contestant #19 Christi Lynn McGarry

I could not tell which part of Christi Lynn McGarry attracted me the most: her pearly whites or her legs which seemed to  stretch farther than Edsa. Although she was not a crowd favorite, she did get a few oooohs and aaaahhs from the beauty queens beside me who all agreed ‘ang ganda ng tindig nito’.

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The other thing I love about this girl is her complexion which glittered like the surface of the liquid bronzer I use. She also has the lean, slightly muscular physique that Miss Universe seems to favor. Her walk is as perfectly manicured as a pristine lawn in a royal garden. Though she is not a favorite (I asked around after the Presentation), I’m keeping my eye on this girl because there’s something about her that has my head spinning round.


Bb. Pilipinas Contestant #28

Hannah Ruth Sison

Bb. Pilipinas Contestant #28 Hannah Ruth Sison

Bb. Pilipinas Contestant #28 Hannah Ruth Sison

Hannah Ruth Sison has an ephemeral beauty that makes me want to take up painting. Portraiture to be specific. I am in love with this girl’s face. But having a gorgeous face is not enough in Bb. Pilipinas. The whole package is what’s important.

And in my humble opinion, Hannah Ruth needs to work on the following: her physique. She is too thin now specially her legs. I liked her body better last year when she competed in the very same pageant and I think that if she can go back to that, she’ll be perfect for international competition.

Hannah Ruth Sison was one of my Top 5 choices in Bb. Pilipinas 2014. Read my thoughts here.

Second: I felt she had too much hair going on. I don’t know if it’s because she’s so slim that her hair looks big or if her stylist overdid it with extensions. But I believe there is a bit of room for improvement with her hair styling. I say these things because I would love to see Hannah Ruth win a crown. A face like hers is not easily forgotten…


These three goddesses are not the only ones who confused me with their gorgeousness. In my next article I’ll talk about the other beauties that took my breath away like Wynwyn Marquez and Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach… plus newbies like Kylie Versoza, Princess Joy Camu and Mia Howell…. Also my thoughts on Ria Rabajante, Kimverlyn Suiza, Nancy Lenard and Pat Ejercitado…. all that coming up next!