What Rajo Laurel Would Do If He Designed MJ’s National Costume…


Absolutely Fab, Don’t You Think?

Of course Rajo Laurel’s drawing would still have to be created and then fitted by the contestant to see if it really is bongga. But on paper it looks stunning already!

No offense meant to Colombian designer Alfredo Barazza, but on his own, he most likely would not think of creating an Ati-Atihan-inspired National Costume simply because he is not Pinoy. He would have to be prompted first and then take up Ati-Atihan 101.

All the National Costumes Mr. Barraza has designed for our girls, at least the ones I remember, are Spanish-looking. IMHO, the timing is right for Bb. Pilipinas to bring back local design and dig into time periods outside of the Spanish occupation.

Personally, I’d love to see a Muslim-inspired singkil costume of fabulous proportions that could easily go up against the wondrous outfits of Thailand and the South Americas. We have such a rich culture, a treasure trove for design inspiration!

Also, no need to bash Stella Marquez Araneta anymore for her faux pas on Filipino design since she did say afterwards that she was open to Pinoy designers in the future.  But I’m hoping that that ‘ future ‘ means now. 2015.

Now I’m wondering, is wearing Filipino designs going to help our contestants win in international pageants, specially Miss Universe? Perhaps yes, maybe no… but for me the real goal is to try our collective best to improve ourselves and show what Filipinos are truly capable of!

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