If MJ lastimosa Wore THIS Filipino Designed Red Gown, Would She Have Entered the Top 5 in Miss Universe?

image Just saw this article by my friend, journalist Edwin Sallan, about a photo of MJ Lastimosa in a red gown which she posted on her Instagram right after the Miss Universe pageant… and my first reaction when I saw the Leo Almodal gown on her was – “Wow!  Now THIS is a competitive gown!” Edwin’s article goes on to speculate that this could be the gown that MJ Lastimosa reportedly wanted to wear instead of the white Barazza creation which has been vilified by netizens since it was debuted in the Prelims of Miss Universe 2014. Being rebelde, I would have worn this fierce feathery number and risk dethronement but bless MJ’s heart for being obedient and sticking to the white gown that she was reportedly ordered to wear. The blessing from God for those who are obedient is greater than those who rebel violently like me. So, what do you think? If MJ wore this gown instead,  would she have gotten higher scores in the long gown competition and entered the Top 5?