Did MJ Lastimosa Really Lose the Miss Universe Crown Because of Her Gown?

MJ Lastimosa in her competition gown. Left, at the prelims, Right, after the prelims she reportedly had it altered to fit her better.

MJ Lastimosa in her competition gown. Left, at the prelims, Right, after the prelims she reportedly had it altered to fit her better.

I don’t know about you but honestly, I’m really tired of seeing our girls compete in the Miss Universe beauty pageant wearing gowns made by a foreign designer. AND I’m even MORE tired over the blame game that follows every time we don’t get the results we like. After MJ Lastimosa failed to enter the Top 5 all I could hear online was how her ‘awful white gown’ cost her the crown! Well, that’s not entirely true. When she wore the gown at the prelims there were already loud, pained complaints and dire predictions that she’d lose because of it.

Well, rumor has it that MJ Lastimosa had the gown altered to fit her better, against the wishes of Bb. Pilipinas. But her designer friends could only do so much with it. If that’s true then MJ will have to face the music when she gets back to Manila. Gosh, I feel for the girl because she doesn’t deserve this torture. She’s suffered enough.

But whether or not MJ Lastimosa lost her chance at the Top 5 circle because of a ‘bad gown’ is not worth arguing over. The real argument for me, in the first place, is whether or not our contestants should be wearing gowns made by non-Filipinos when representing the Philippines.

My opinion on this has always been the same since Bb. Pilipinas started contracting a Colombian designer years ago; all I can say to Bb. Pilipinas is to please return to your original spirit of using Filipino design and craftsmanship.

But then I read an article saying that the leadership of the pageant organization doesn’t find any Filipino designs good enough. OMG! And yet we won Miss World with Megan Young wearing the design of a Filipino. If that article is true then it is so disappointing that Bb. Pilipinas does not see any merit in Filipino talent. Breaks my heart.

I don’t know if a pageant is important enough to merit a Senate Inquiry but gosh, I’m ready to knock on their door, wearing a Michael Cinco gown, a Rajo Laurel bag, shoes from Marikina, a headdress from Zamboanga, make-up by Fanny Serrano and underneath it all, Josie Natori underwear. I’ll knock on their door to clamor for a directive that all our contestants who represent the Philippines SHOULD be outfitted by Filipinos.

THEN… if we still lose while wearing a Filipino-made gown then we can find something or someone else to blame.

In the meantime, even as we smart over our loss, let’s be thankful for a Top 10 placement!!!