Lady Walking Dogs On The Beach

I spent last Labor Day (2014) relaxing at the beach with the three loves of my life: my hubby Ron, my chihuahua Ramses and my schnoodle Broyles. Altho you won’t see my hubby, rest assured that he’s behind the lens. My dogs mean the world to me and finally I was able to find a safe place where they could run free. Dogs need space to fly like the wind but unfortunately, we live in a part of Marikina where it’s impossible to let them loose outdoors. They do have the run of the house, garage and garden but there nothing like the open space for a dog…


Some shots I took of my wife, Adventures of a Beauty Queen blogger Joyce Ann Burton-Titular, in Batangas walking our two dogs Ramses (a chihuahua) and Broyles (a schnoodle) on their very first trip to a beach.


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