Last Minute Thoughts Before Coronation Night…

All ready for tonight!!!!

All ready for tonight!!!!

It’s hard to believe that nearly 30 years ago I was on that stage in Araneta Coliseum fighting for the very same crown that all 40 Bb. Pilipinas 2014 candidates are gunning for. Things were so different then. We couldn’t wear false lashes or butt extenders, LOL! Surgical enhancements were shocking then. And we all wore one-piece swimsuits, aahaha!

But you know what? I often find myself liking it now better. I love the professionalism that our pageant industry has been able to achieve. Having a pretty face and slim body is not enough. These girls spend months improving their skills for the catwalk, the camera and the Q&A. Training in the gym and proper nutrition are now part of their preparation. And personality development has become their science.

In many ways I am also impressed by the join-and-join-again trend. It surely wasn’t in fashion during my time! You joined only once or twice at the most. But to me, it shows that our girls can stand up again after a setback and that going thru loss only makes them stronger.

Speaking of loss, my deepest prayer today will not really be for our winners. I’ll save my prayers for them later. But today, I cherish in my heart the girls who will have to face disappointment tonight. So this is what I have to say to them…

Remember, that a pageant will NEVER define who you are, unless you allow it to. So if you lose, do not call yourself a loser. You are not!

At the same time, losing SHOULD make you feel bad, it SHOULD make you go down on your knees and cry. And yet like a good soldier, learn how to carry your battle scars with pride!

And please, don’t deny yourself a time to mourn. Mourning is part of the healing process. But get back up and find the path that God has set out for you. Whether it be to join again or to move on to something new. Just move!

And always, ALWAYS remember, even in the face of mockers and self-doubt: you ARE special and you ARE beautiful and you ARE loved. So be strong girl and keep fighting!