An Honest Critique on My Favorite Web Interviews in Bb. Pilipinas 2014

My favorite web interviews in Bb. Pilipinas 2014!

My favorite web interviews in Bb. Pilipinas 2014!

Sorry, I got into the web interviews only now even if they have been available online for a couple weeks or more. But I really prefer to look at the girls first before seeing how they speak since Bb. Pilipinas is first and foremost a beauty pageant. To my mind that means physical beauty and physique will always come first with intelligence and communication skills as the runners-up, if you get what I mean.

My Top 10 favorite web interviews (those highlighted in RED are my super-duper-favorites):

#4 Parul Shah

Funny Parul with your O.A. facial expressions during the play-acting part! You best asset IMHO is that wide beauty queen smile which is the hallmark of many Miss U winners. Just be careful girl because your eyes got shifty once at the start of the interview. It’s okay to look away from the camera but just not in a shifty way. You were so relaxed when you were play-acting but you started the interview a little cool. I love your warm, flirty side so flaunt that from the very start of all your interviews. I also didn’t quite like your hair in the vid. I much prefer the glossy tumble of curls that you sometimes sport… but based on what I’ve seen so far, I think you can win a crown if you play your cards right!

#8 Pia Wurtzbach

Pia, you still seem serious. Angelic, for sure, but still serious. And when you get serious, you frown a little. Just a little, but still, a frown is a frown and you want to avoid facial lines on your forehead during interviews. So I think you should smile more while talking because you tend to speak with a serious expression and only break into a smile every now and then or at the end of a sentence. Maybe you should avoid talking about how serious you can be?  And then focus on bringing out the bubbly Pia whom I have met and seen in previous Bb. events. There’s a big chance of you winning a crown so bring on the sunshine sweetheart!

#9 Joy Antonette Diaz

Truly, you made me laugh with your funny puns and hilarious attempt to sell a mustache pen! I wanted to buy one by the end of your video. I thought you were so well put together and had one of the best interviews. But is there a way to soften your twang? Maybe modulate your voice a little, lower it a bit or something? I think it’ll be worth the effort to learn how to have softer (but still strong) speaking voice. But overall, your web interview was quite impressive!

#13 Kris Janson

Love you so much Kris, you’ve got a winning face, a warm personality and a smart way of speaking. I have my ‘eye’ on you for one of the crowns! But just be careful with your subject-verb agreement. I know grammar is not that important in pageants; the main thing is to be able to express yourself well and make sense, right? But if you can improve in any way, then go for it. Just so you know, your eye trick freaked me out (in a good way) and I loved that little thing about airports you mentioned in your intro! Great web interview!

#18 Ellore Punzalan

You have been consistently delivering in Bb. Pilipinas 2014, Ellore! Choosing to speak mostly in Pilipino (and speaking it intelligently) during the web interview was a nice touch and your tula was SO ADORABLE! Para akong nanonood ng Batibot, ahaha! And, when you shifted to English at the end of your video, you still sounded awesome. In fact I wanted you to continue talking! Keep up the good work…

#22 Bianca Guidotti

I like your naturalness Bianca, and your feminine sweetness. You had GREAT answers without sounding ‘pa-cute’. Your fashionista jacket and casually tousled hair added to your lovely picture. Just watch out because sometimes you frown when you’re speaking. Oh, and thank you for speaking in Portuguese! That skill is truly one of the biggest arguments for you to be put on the throne and sent to Portuguese-speaking Brazil for the Miss Universe 2014. Of course that’s aside from your lovely face (a make-up artist for ABS-CBN who did your make-up once, told me you were so gorgeous) and whip-like body which electrified me during the press presentation! 

#25 MJ Lastimosa

Ah. A face that is worth a crown. MJ, you’re just really lovely but allow me to give some pointers. To be honest, you sounded like you were giving a monologue. I know what you said came from the heart, you just delivered it in a way that sounded too practiced. These might sound like tough words but better are the wounds of a friend than the kind words of an enemy, right? Next comment – your answer was a little too long and you were dangerously close to rambling. Avoid that. The trick is to stop talking at the point where they want to hear more from you. And lastly, just a minor thing, work on your articles and count/non-count nouns for better grammar. On the positive side, your gestures were wonderful and your wide smile and varied expressions while speaking gave much sparkle to your beauty. You had GREAT content, a wonderful message and looked absolutely ravishing!

#27 Hannah Ruth Sison

My dear Hannah, you really should enter theater. Your face is extremely expressive and was very engaging in the web interview! Oh, you also reminded me a bit of sex kitten Vivian Velez, one of my favorite Pinay beauties. You laughed a little and I thought that so cute and natural. During the singing part, you looked like a vamp. My advice is to be consistent because in the web interview, you started out flat but when it got to the question part and the final invitation to the pageant, you were so much fun. Dapat, from the start pa lang of all interviews, ganun ka na! And your styling here was fabulous – curls at the bottom of your hair and you in that little black bustier… niiiice! Can you be like this ALL the time?

#28 Carla Lizardo

You gave a very intelligent web interview, Carla, I liked it much. You speak confidently and smoothly, a reflection of how much you’ve grown since you began working as a journalist/anchor for PTV4. Dinig na dinig ang professionalism at sincerity mo. Now is there a way we can get you to flirt a little more? Not in a bastos way ha, but in a charming and engaging way…

#35 Yvethe Santiago

I think out of all the girls, you are the one to beat when it comes to flirting with the camera! You have it down pat. But don’t let that get to your head. I noticed that in your web interview you referred to yourself in the third person. Be careful because the judges might think you’re narcissistic. Please read more about people who refer to themselves in the third person here.  I don’t wish to offend but I am a firm believer in criticism that is meant to help people improve. Besides, I do hope to see you win a crown, Yvethe. I’ve followed your career since you joined that pageant in Korea a few years back and I see you have grown into a fierce/fab pageant competitor. I have heard rumors too that many of the front-runners in the pageant are afraid of you… but again, don’t let that get to your head. And since it seems that you are close to a crown, remember this: The best time to learn humility is before a victory!