Candidates 36 to 40: Bb. Pilipinas Press Presentation

Bb. Pilipinas finally presented to the press it’s 40 Official contestants in this year’s beauty tilt. The event was held on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014, at the grand ballroom in Sofitel Hotel, formerly the Philippine Plaza. And from what this blogger witnessed, we’ve got another strong batch of contestants and more worthy beauties than crowns to give away.

Here are my thoughts on contestants 36 to 40. The names highlighted in RED are my top favorites. Those in GREEN I find intriguing.

Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Contestants 36 to 40

Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Contestants 36 to 40

Bb. #36 Krystal Alonday

Bb. #36 Krystal Alonday – 21 yo – Paombong, Bulacan

I have always found #36 Krystal Alonday completely alluring. The first time I saw her was a few years back at the press presentation of Miss Earth Philippines 2012 which was held in MOA. In this blog post I said that she reminded me of Venus Raj. Krystal Alonday was representing her hometown Paombong, Bulacan at the time. Although she didn’t place in the pageant, she found a place in my heart and was one of my favorites.

Her last job before taking the leap into Bb. Pilipinas 2014 was for an international bank. I love her dusky, understated beauty. And it’s refreshing to see someone who doesn’t over-perform when on the catwalk. Digging a little deeper, I found out that she takes ministry seriously and volunteers as teacher for street children in her province.This lovely Bulakenya has also won two local titles – Mutya ng Paombong 2010 and Bb. Bulacan World 2011.


Bb. #37 Vanessa N. Saliba

Bb. #37 Vanessa N. Saliba

Contestant #37 Vanessa Saliba was one of the pretty faces that used to grace Wiltime Bigtime on TV. They called her Vanessa ‘beeeeee happy’ Saliba on the show. But now she’s left that program and is taking a step up (I’d like to think it’s a step up) into the world of pageants!

Vanessa’s best weapon is the experience she has as a performer/dancer on Wil Time. But she’ll have to train longer and harder to match the walking skills of our best competitors. If she doesn’t win in this pageant, not all is lost because this sweetheart is only 18 years old and with her strong determination to succeed, Vanessa Saliba can only continue to rise.

Click here to see a photo of her at the Talent Show where she did a belly dance!


Bb. #38 Janine A. Asanion

Bb. #38 Janine A. Asanion – 25 yo – Zambales

#38 Janine A. Asanion is a crossover contestant from last year’s Miss Philippines Earth. One of my favorites at the time, Janine made it into the Top 10. She was representing San Marcelino. Now she’s giving Bb. Pilipinas a shot and I think she can enter the semi-finals at the very least.

While I like this licensed nurse from head to toe, she still needs to work on toning her body a bit more. Granted, she’s naturally slim  but I’d love to she some muscle on this babe! But I must say that she’s great on the catwalk and is skilled with her turns and poses.


Bb. #39 Ladylyn Riva

Bb. #39 Ladylyn Riva – 26 yo – Aklan

Ladylyn Riva, our Bb. #39 Ladylyn Riva has been climbing up the pageant ladder entering the semi-finals in Miss Bikini Philippines 2013, placing 2nd in Miss Resorts World Manila 2011 and bagging the Miss Casino Filipino 2013 title.

But can the lady perform just as well in Bb. Pilipinas? It’s her 2nd time to join the pageant after an unsuccessful candidacy in 2011. But how she’s improved since then! She’s far more confident and walks with more aplomb. But she still has 39 other serious rivals for the BB. Pilipinas crowns and it will be a tough battle for her. But she does have a driving force — Ladylyn Riva is competing in memory of her grandmother who recently passed on.


Bb. 40 Vessica Sambo

Bb. 40 Vessica Sambo – 21 yo – Malolos, Bulcan

Vessica is actually an accident. Not the girl but the name! Thanks to someone who misspelled her suposed-to-be name ‘Jessica,’ our candidate #40 is now known as Vessica! But it is no accident that she is in Bb. Pilipnas 2014. With her cat-like eyes, dimpled cheeks and glorious height of 5’10”, Vessica Sambo is destined for the pageant stage! (Note… there seems to be some confusion over her height. Wiki says she’s 5’7.5″ while Sash Factor listed her down as 5’10”. Even if Wiki is right, 5’7.5″ is good height IMHO… )

And her star is rising fast with many observers naming her a favorite newbie. But this IT student is actually not new to pageants. Vessica is the current titleholder of Bb. Bulacan.

From what this blogger saw at the press presentation, she’s got a bikini-worthy body with beautiful long-ish curves and hips that flare out ever-so gently. Viva Vessica!