Ako na ang “Queen of Student Films”!

I’ve decided to crown myself as the ‘queen of student films’ since I’ve been busy doing so many of them over the past 2 years! AAHAAHAHAHA!

With Marita Zobel (top) and Tommy Abuel, my co-actors in the student film "Nenita"

With Marita Zobel (top) and Tommy Abuel, my co-actors in the student film “Nenita”

The most recent one I did was called “Nenita” where I played Rosalia, the daughter of Nenita, a widow struggling with the loss of her dearly beloved husband who passed away leaving her all alone in their home. I try to convince her to live with me but she resists, clinging to a past that will never come back.

Nenita is played by none other than veteran actress Marita Zobel nee Blanche who began her career with LVN Studios in the late 50s. Her husband Victoriano is played by FAMAS awardee Tommy Abuel. They made me cry  during the scene when Tommy’s character visits Marita’s in a dream. These two actors are simply amazing. And when they’re off cam, they love to chat and share stories! I had a BLAST!!!

Too bad though that most of these student films can’t be uploaded to Youtube due to certain restrictions set by their colleges so I won’t be able to show you the final product.

Anyway, I’m getting the experience I need to reach my dream of entering mainstream television. I am so desirous of acting in a soap or teleserye and so I’m working my booty off by acting in as many indie and student films as possible that fit my sexy but conservative image. (CHOS! AAAHAHA!)

That’s one reason why I haven’t been blogging as often. When I returned from my US trip in mid-January I was deluged by projects including Oedipus the King (I’m Queen Jocasta while Vince Ferraren is King Oedipus), Ageless Anonymous (an indie film), an anti-aging endorsement which has to remain a secret for now, and a few student films.

Me in 'Ageless Anonymous'. What do you think of the turban?

Me inthe indie film, ‘Ageless Anonymous’. What do you think of the turban?

Anyway, keep me in your prayers. All this hard work has eaten into my rest and blogging time but with your prayers God will help me find time for both.