Contestants 26 to 30: Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Press Presentation

Bb. Pilipinas finally presented to the press it’s 40 Official contestants in this year’s beauty tilt. The event was held on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014, at the grand ballroom in Sofitel Hotel, formerly the Philippine Plaza. And from what this blogger witnessed, we’ve got another strong batch of contestants and more worthy beauties than crowns to give away.

Here are my thoughts on contestants 26 to 30. The names highlighted in RED are my top favorites. Those in GREEN I find intriguing.

Bb. Pilpinas 2014 Contestants 26 to 30

Bb. Pilpinas 2014 Contestants 26 to 30

Bb. #26 Hanna Sheena I. Manuel

Bb. #26 Hanna Sheena I. Manuel – 22 yo – Tuguegarao

Contestant #26 Hanna Sheena Manuel comes to the Bb. Pilipinas 2014 beauty pageant armed with a title: Bb. Cagayan Turismo 2013. This financial management student has an interesting look, on the ‘artistahin‘ side. I liked her styling during the Presscon but when they poof her hair up it makes her look odd – like a young girl with old lady hair. I prefer her hair to be flatter on the crown with body as the tresses tumble down her shoulders, She’s got a really pretty face with lots of feminine appeal, the youthful kind, so please keep her away from anything that’ll make her look older. Other than that, I think Sheena is a wild thang!


Bb. #27 Hannah Ruth Sison

Bb. #27 Hannah Ruth Sison – 25 yo – Makati

What a relief it was to see contestant #27 Hannah Ruth Sison on stage at the Presscon. For awhile, we were all worried that she was going to have to back out due to her current endorsement with Globe Telecom. The problem is this: Araneta Coliseum (the home venue of Bb. Pilipinas) is allied with Smart so closely that the Coliseum has been renamed the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Smart is of course the #1 competitor of Globe.

But I am SOOOO thankful that all companies involved have pushed aside their rights in view of the greater good because Hannah Ruth Sison might just be one of our next queens with the way she is performing in the pageant.

This is actually her 2nd time to join (she was contestant #19 last year) and I really believe that the reason she didn’t do well (she didn’t place at all) was because the multimedia teacher was overshadowed and out-maneuvered by Bea Rose Santiago. They could pass for sisters but Bea had far more experience and could work the stage much better. To make matters worse, they were assigned consecutive numbers so Hannah Ruth Sison was stuck in the shadow of a winner.

But 2014 might be Hannah’s year to outshine others. We could see her vindicated. I can see the International crown on her head, as worthy successor to Bea Rose who won the title last year and went on to win on the international level in Japan. Of course this is just how I feel. Lets see if I match the judges final verdict come March 30, coronation night!

BTW, click here to see what Hannah Ruth Sison did at the Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Talent Show…


Bb. #28 Carla Jenina Cabrera Lizardo

Bb. #28 Carla Jenina Cabrera Lizardo – 24 yo – Pasig

It was really good to see contestant #28 Carla Lizardo on stage after that big scare. What scare you say? Well, she did not make the cut as an official Top 40 contestant but then two days later Bb. Pilipinas called her up asking her to come back because two contestants had to step down, reportedly due to height issues. It must have been a jaw-dropping surprise for this former varsity badminton player to be called back!

Now that Carla Lizardo back in the game, let’s look at her strengths – Carla has solid pageant experience winning Mutya ng Pilipinas Intercontinental in 2010 and placing in the Top 12 of Miss World Philippines 2012. She’s got a great body paired with fabulously silky skin. And she’s no airhead; Carla’s a journalist and anchor for PTV4.

My only beef is this – her stylist has to stop putting her hair up in a bun. They also need to lessen her eye make-up because it takes away from her natural beauty. IMHO, a softer look with hair falling in swirling dark clouds would be the ideal look for this hottie!


Bb . #29 Krischelle DG Halili

Bb . #29 Krischelle DG Halili – 23 yo – Tarlac

Hm. She makes me think of Athena Imperial, our Miss Philippines Earth 2011. Or sometimes actress Eula Valdez. Either way, contestant #29 is Krischelle DG Halili has a striking face like her two look-a-likes. Oh, I just have to say that the DG in her name is intriguing. Does anyone know what it stands for?

Anyway, KC (as she is fondly called) is a UST beauty taking up medicine after finishing a degree in nursing. She has a budding gift for writing, see for yourself on her Tumblr Blog. But I wish she’d find time to write more stuff. Her most charming feature are her expansive eyes that glow like dark scarabs in the night.


Bb. #30 Joy Marie Gangan

Bb. #30 Joy Marie Gangan

Built like a doll, contestant #30 Joy Marie Gangan is one of the most competitive girls in this year’s batch. She’s tall, stunning, shapely and knows how to work a stage to her advantage. She’s also an experienced pageant winner having represented the Philippines in the Best Model of the World 2012 which was held in Turkey. Joy Gangan went home with the Top Model special award.

Another advantage: this lithe lass is only 19 years old. She has years of productiveness ahead of her! If she doesn’t grab a crown this year, there’ll be time for winning in the future. But at the same time, she shouldn’t be an overconfident hare because there’s no better time to win than now.

On more thing. This stunner from Isabela grew up plain and simple as a farmer girl in the province. Her rags to beauty story is a powerful pageant asset but Joy Gangan needs to learn how to be more loquacious like her kababayan Mutya Datul. She doesn’t have to learn perfect English; all she needs is to learn how to express her heart and mind as sincerely as possible. I can see Joy taking over the Bb. Supranational title from Mutya, they seem to come from the same mold. But she has to overcome her shyness and start roaring like the lioness that she is.