Candidates 11 to 15: Bb. Pilipinas Press Presentation 2014

Bb. Pilipinas finally presented to the press it’s 40 Official contestants in this year’s beauty tilt. The event was held on Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014, at the grand ballroom in Sofitel Hotel, formerly the Philippine Plaza. And from what this blogger witnessed, we’ve got another strong batch of contestants and more worthy beauties than crowns to give away.

Here are my thoughts on contestants 11 to 15. The names highlighted in RED are my top favorites. Those in GREEN I find intriguing.

Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Contestants No. 11 to 15

Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Contestants No. 11 to 15

Bb. #11 Laura Victoria Lehmann - 20 yo - Makati

Bb. #11 Laura Victoria Lehmann – 20 yo – Makati

#11 Laura Victoria Lehmann‘s official Bb. Pilipinas bio says that she has some 125 stitches on her body being a member of the Philippines softball team. But pray tell, where is the proof of that? Look at how smooth her skin is! Perhaps the scars are all hiding under her tiny purple bikini? Oh, I’m just teasing! I’m sure Laura has had painful experiences with needle to skin but is blessed with an epidermis that heals perfectly.

Contestant #11 is another example of beauty and brains – before joining Bb. Pilipinas she was busy chasing three degrees in the US: Psychology, Neuro Science and Spanish Studies.

Bb. #12 Sarah Jireh C. Asido

Bb. #12 Sarah Jireh C. Asido – 23 yo – Balagtas, Bulacan

Not all Filipina beauties are petite and thin. Contestant #12 Sarah Jireh C. Asido proves that we can be tall and shapely as well! What I really like about Sarah is her open smile which says, “I’m proud to be Bulakenya!” And, for a Social Studies teacher in high school, she walks pretty damn well. Kudos to her trainers!

Sarah Jireh Asido participated in the Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Talent Show; click here to see what talent she presented.

She also represented Quezon City in Miss Earth Philippines 2013, click here to see more.


Bb. #13 Kris Tiffany M. Janson

Bb. #13 Kris Tiffany M. Janson – 24 yo – Cebu

I first noticed just how striking #13 Kris Tiffany Janson was at the Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Talent Show where the pretty financial analyst was wearing a belly dancing outfit accessorized by a gold headband trimmed with coins . If you click here to read my story on that, you’ll see a photo of her with the most breath-taking expression! She was holding up a red veil and giving the audience this imperious ‘you-are-in-trouble’ look. But the ones who are truly in trouble are her rivals in the pageant. This Miss Cebu 2009 titleholder seems serious about her campaign for a crown!


Bb. #14 Emma Mary F. Tiglao

Bb. #14 Emma Mary F. Tiglao – 19 yo – Mabalacat, Pampanga

I am completely intrigued by the longness of contestant #14 Emma Mary F. Tiglao. She is a pleasure to watch on stage. I think of giraffes and gazelles on the move on an African tundra. Speaking of creatures, Emma is an animal lover and a former Miss Zoomanity winner. I think it’s her up-tilted catlike eyes that make her face so interesting to look at. Even her name Emma Tiglao has a beauty queen ring to it.

Click here to see what she performed at the Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Talent Show!

A very intriguing beauty indeed, I came across this tourism student first in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2012. She was contestant #24 then (click here to see) and was ‘neneng-nene‘ with her cute be-dimpled smile. In spite of her extreme youth then, Emma placed high in that pageant – 1st Runner-up.

But look at her now! She has managed to shed her childhood and bloom into an alluring beauty!


Bb. #15 Kimverlyn O. Suiza -

Bb. #15 Kimverlyn O. Suiza – 25 yo – Marikina

I think the greatest asset of contestant #15 Kimverlyn O. Suiza is that there’s no one that looks like her. Her uniqueness combined with her queenly attractiveness makes her unforgettable in the eye of the pageant observer. Being tall and very fair adds to her solitary beauty and because of the aforementioned, I’m almost certain she’ll make it into the semi-finals, at the very least.

A former TV producer for a top-rating show, Kimverlyn cut her teeth in last year’s Miss Philippines Earth where she represented Nagcarlan and eventually placed as an elemental winner – Miss Philippines Air 2013 (pageant fans consider that to be 1st Runner-up).  This blogger was able to predict her placement at the time.

A formidable presence in Bb Pilipinas 2104, let she how Kimverlyn Suiza fares as she competes with 39 other opponents for the chance at one of the 4 titles!