Candidates 1 to 5: Bb Pilipinas 2014 Press Presentation

Bb. Pilipinas finally presented to the press it’s 40 Official contestants in this year’s beauty tilt. The event was held today, Feb. 19, 2014, at the grand ballroom in Sofitel Hotel, formerly the Philippine Plaza. And from what this blogger witnessed, we’ve got another strong batch of contestants and more worthy beauties than crowns to give away.

Here are my thoughts on the first five contestants. The names highlighted in RED are my top favorites. Those in GREEN I find intriguing.

Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Contestants 1 to 5

Bb. Pilipinas 2014 Contestants 1 to 5 (but they’re in reverse order with #5 being on the far left and #1 being on the far right)

Bb. #1 Julian Aurine Flores -  23 yo - Manila

Bb. #1 Julian Aurine Flores – 23 yo – Manila

#1 Julian Aurine Flores’ biggest asset is her charming face. Then there’s her beautifully proportioned body and hint of sculpted abs. I’ve noticed that Bb. Pilipinas often picks a real stunner to be the opening girl but if you ask those who’ve experienced being contestant #1, it’s not easy. The big worry is that judges might forget you by the time they are done with the last contestant. But from what I’ve seen, that won’t be much of a problem for this Hotel and Travel Management graduate. Her kittenish beauty is simply unforgettable!


#3 Mary Ainjely P. Manalo - 21 yo - Pasay

Bb. #2 Mary Ainjely P. Manalo – 21 yo – Pasay

Candidate #2 Mary Ainjely P. Manalo wore a fringed bikini that suited her slight frame perfectly, enhancing her curves. A pert beauty with a sharp look, Ainjely recently became a registered nurse but has forsworn her work in order to chase her dream of becoming a beauty queen.


Bb. #3 Joanna Angelica M. Romero - 23 yo - Bicol

Bb. #3 Joanna Angelica M. Romero – 23 yo – Bicol

Making it as an official Bb. Pilipinas candidate is a big thing for hotelier Joanna Angelica M. Romero, our candidate #3. Although she has had to put her Sales and Marketing job on hold, joining the pageant will hopefully take her one step closer to her dream of becoming a national beauty queen. What I love about Joanna is her flawless white skin!

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Bb. #4 Parul Shah - 25 yo - Pangasinan

Bb. #4 Parul Shah – 25 yo – Pangasinan

When I saw Parul Shah last year at the send off of Bea Santiago to the Miss International 2013, she had intimated to me that she was going to try Bb. Pilipinas one more time. Last year, Parul Shah made it into the Top 15 but to my disappointment, did not win any of the crowns as I had felt she deserved. Perhaps it wasn’t her time then…

What do I like about Parul Shah? First things first, her smile! She’s got that beaming beauty queen smile which I also saw in Shamcey Supsup when I first laid my eyes on her. Next, I simply adore her exotic looks which she inherited from her Indian father. Then there’s her unbelievable body with the tightest abs and the sexiest derriere making her a ravishing thing to look at from the front AND back. And when she works the catwalk, she knows how to churn those hips!

Parul is also well-educated – she studied in Dubai and Baguio, is a registered nurse and speaks 5 languages – Hindi, Arabic, Gujarati, Ilocano, Filipino and English.


Bb. #5 Hanna Mariz D. dela Guerra - 21 yo - Mandaluyong

Bb. #5 Hanna Mariz D. dela Guerra – 21 yo – Mandaluyong

Really pretty in person and in photos, contestant #5 Hanna Mariz D. dela Guerra showed off a magnificently ripped body on stage. I just found her hair a little too poofy but apart from that, she’s good to go! I know it’s kind of hard to believe that such a beauty can be geeky: Hanna is an Information Systems grad who works as a technological consultant. She also happens to be Miss Mandaluyong 2011.