Pinay Beauty Queen Janine Tugonon’s Send-off Party to Miss Universe 2012!

Pinay beauty queen Janine Tugonon is 100% ready to reprazent in Miss Universe 2012!

With the Miss Universe contest being held so late in the year, our representative to the world-famous beauty pageant has had the benefit of extended training – some 7 months of it! And if you include the entire year before that which she spent as a Bb. Pilipinas runner-up (they get the same training as the winners), Janine Tugonon is one of the longest-trained beauty queens in Philippine pageant history.

And it definitely showed during the send-off. Janine looked calm and confident in a lacy red dress as she entered the Cinema 4 theater in Gateway Mall to greet the Press, pageant sponsors and other supporters. There was no hesitation whatsoever during the Q&A with journalists but she often answered in Taglish which leads me to wonder if there is a possibility Janine Tugonon will be requesting for a translator at the Miss Universe 2012. Personally, I am all for it because Janine expresses herself SO well when speaking from her heart. And the other thing that impressed me the most during the Q&A is that she replies to the point and does not ‘over-explain’.

Janine Tugonon answers questions from the Press

I was bold enough to ask the first question and it was about her phenomenal weight loss and muscle toning. When I spoke to her right after she won the Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2012 Janine Tugonon admitted that she still had some real estate on her belly to lose. And lose she did! Janine has achieved a tighter body after 7 months of rigorous daily exercise including weight training, jogging and ballet (she is a ballerina) under the watchful eye of coach John Jay Cuay (whom I like to call Fitness Trainer to the Beauty Queens). Aside from physical training, Janine says her diet consisted mostly of veggies and fruits with some protein. Although she occasionally enjoyed treats, she kept it down to small quantities.

Will the winning charisma of Shamcey Supsup (left) and Venus Raj (right) rub off on Janine Tugonon (middle)? Methinks so!

Another question that I expected: How is she living up to expectations with the previous runner-up placements of Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup? Janine Tugonon admits that the pressure is great for her to match or outdo the achievements of Raj and Supsup but instead of letting the pressure get her goat, Janine Tugonon is using their success as an inspiration-slash-motivation to give it her best when she gets to Las Vegas (she flies on Dec. 2) and meets all her competitors. Right now, she feels Miss Venezuela is one of her toughest adversaries while some pageant fans in the audience were whispering that Miss USA would be the one to beat. But our girl is not a wee bit afraid; she stoutly said, “With 7 months of training, I did my part. Now I’m asking the Lord to do His part in me.”

Janine Tugonon with other Bb. Pilipinas beauty queens! L-R: Ali Forbes, Shamcey Supsup, Janine, Venus Raj, Nicole Schmitz, Katrina Dimaranan and Elaine Kay Moll

The one thing that Janine Tugonon is asking for from all pageant-loving Pinoys is to pray for her. In fact, the words she used were – “I am begging Filipinos to pray for me. I will give it my all but I can’t win on my own. I need your prayers and support!” Madame Stella Marquez Araneta also made an appeal asking everyone to begin voting for Janine Tugonon at the official Miss Universe site. The girl with the most votes is automatically propelled into the semi-finals!

Janine Tugonon with the blogging beauty queen

Another exciting development – Janine’s Cobra Walk! If Shamcey Supsup wowed the universe with her hip-rolling Tsunami Walk, Janine Tugonon is ready to lash out with her slinky Cobra Walk. It’s like this fast criss-cross walk with a slight shoulder shake and a pivot that will render you hypnotized. I still can’t get over that fact that we have names for these walks! How I wish us beauty queens from the 80s and 90s had such a thing, I am sooo envious, LOLZ!

My favorite question from the press was: How different are you today from the girl who won Bb. Pilipinas Universe in April 2012? Janine quickly replied, “Mas-confident ako because I know myself more. Lumabas na ang aura at charisma ko.” So true. When I spoke to her 7 months ago she was a tad self-deprecating and more than overwhelmed. But there was none of that at the send-off. Janine Tugonon is truly a new creation and ready to fight for the universe!

Vote for Janine Tugonon NOW! Click here to get to her Miss Universe voting page. You can vote up to 10x a day! We can push her into the semi-finals if she gets the most number of votes, so do it now! The 61st Miss Universe Pageant will be telecast live from Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on December 19 (December 20 in the Philippines). It will be aired over ABS-CBN.

Janine Tugonon is on her way to fight for the universe!