Filipina Launches Nena Cosmetics for Asian and Latina Beauties!

Nena Mondonedo Perez doing what she does best!

When I heard news from that one of my classmates in High School was coming to Manila from Chicago for an extended visit, I was excited. Lorena Mondonedo (now Perez) was one of the sweetest girls in our class and I hadn’t seen her in something like 2 decades and a half!

Now don’t you dare whip out your calculator and start doing some math on how old we are, that’s not the point of this post. What I want to tell you is that Lorena Mondonedo Perez is in town to introduce her very own make-up line called “Nena”. Yep, that’s her nickname and it also happens to be a Filipino term of endearment for a little girl. And now, it’s the name of a make-up brand created by a Filipina – isn’t that just rad?

Nena Cosmetics

After years and years of successful work as a make-up artist for MAC and as a Spa Manager for the Elizabeth Arden Red Door spa in Chicago, Nena Mondonedo Perez decided to take things to a higher level – she went to New York to develop her own make-up line. She assures that all her products are made in the US and are mineral based. Nena adds that her make-up is so good for the skin that you can sleep with it on. Latin american

Nena (on the far left) with some of the lovely ladies she made up at her party.

To show how cool her cosmetic line is, Nena invited friends to a make-up party last July 8, 2011 at a condo in Makati and we all got to try her different foundations, eyeshadows, lip products, mascara etc. Nena and a handful of other professional make-up artists fixed us up and gave us tips. Nena says her products and colors are formulated specially for the Asian and Latina woman.

While Nena is currently available in the US and Mexico, her cosmetic products will be available commercially in the Philippines before the end of the year. To find out more about Nena, you can email her at

Stay tuned to this blog for future announcements and perhaps a contest with Nena products up for grabs!


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