The Winners of Ford Supermodel Philippines 2011 Are…


Samantha Gomez is Ford Super Model of the Philippines 2011!

Although it took me two and a half bloody hours to get to
Manila from Marikina to watch the Supermodel Philippines 2011 competition, I’m happy I patiently sat through traffic. Well, kind of patiently.

I was excited to find out who would be taking Danica Magpantay’s place as the new star of Manila’s modeling scene. Danica Magpantay, in case you have been living under a rock for the past year, is the first Filipina to win the international competition of Ford Supermodel, so tonight’s winner has some pretty big stilettos to fit in.

Anywhoooo… I’m sure you’re excited to find out who the winners are in Supermodel Philippines 2011 are so here is the list of winners:

Picture perfect award – Samantha Gomez

Top 3 – Samantha Gomez, Maria Mopera , Manuela Basilio

Esac Runway Winner – Maria Mopera

SuperModel Philippines 2011 Winner – SAMANTHA GOMEZ!!!!!!!

Btw, this is my first time ever to blog using a cellphone! Don’t you just loooove technology?

ABQ would like to thank Runway Productions, Audie and Joey Espino, Mama O, Allan and Mito for inviting me to cover Ford Supermodel Philippines 2011. Photos were taken by my hubby Ron T. courtesy of Runway Productions.