A Reporter’s Journey in Miss Philippines Earth 2011 (1)

Vivienne Gulla, RPN9 News Watch Reporter

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When one of my co-workers at RPN News Watch made the announcement that she was joining Miss Philippines Earth 2011,  jaws had to be picked up off the floor. No one ever imagined that hard news reporter Vivienne Gulla had it in her to join a beauty contest. We knew she had dreams of anchoring her own TV news show one day but never did we imagine she wanted a tiara and scepter as well!

So ABQ has decided to follow Vivienne Gulla’s journey as she seeks out a childhood dream: to become a beauty queen. Here is PART 1 of her adventure…

I just got off the phone with Vivienne Gulla who earlier today did a fashion show at Robinson’s Manila East with the remaining 30 contestants in Miss Philippines Earth 2011.  Although it was already nightfall, she sounded perky and ready to put on her 5-inch stilettos for another round on the catwalk. Over two years of chasing down and interviewing newsmakers and politicians has given this fragile-looking lass the stamina of a horse –  and she’ll be needing it as the schedule of Miss Philippines Earth 2011 escalates to harrowing proportions.

Vivienne Gulla in her official Miss Philippines Earth 2011 swimwear

Not many people realize it but beauty contest organizers don’t really give their contestants much beauty sleep with all the events, photo shoots and rehearsals they have to attend. But that’s what makes it exciting and Vivienne Gulla admits that swapping her reporter’s microphone for a swimsuit and sash has been such a wonderful thrill so far. Specially since she has survived two ‘reapings’ and is still in the pageant.

You see, this year, Miss Philippines Earth has decided to do a little ‘reality show’ twist and reap or eliminate 10 girls every week as coronation night approaches. From an original set of 50, they will be pared down to 10 finalists. These 10 ladies will be the only ones flown to Palawan for the final battle for the crown.

Vivienne Gulla admits she did not know that she signed up for something like this. During screening she was not informed of the elimination rounds but when the new system was announced to all the candidates, she decided to take it in stride. She thought to herself that it was a good idea – why prolong the agony? Unfortunately, when the first elimination round took place she realized it wasn’t easy on the contestants – both the ins AND the outs. Even last night, after the second elimination round took place, many of the girls cried because it was just not fun to see new friends fail.

The next ‘reaping’ is on May 16 but Vivienne Gulla, who is representing Baliuag, is not worrying about it. As of now, she’s dashing all fearful thoughts and is completely focused on fulfilling her dream of becoming a beauty queen. Part of the focus includes grimly looking at her strengths and weaknesses:

Vivienne Gulla, stunning in an emerald gown!

STRENGTHS – Vivienne Gulla says her main strengths are her communication skills and experience as a TV news reporter. Her beat included reporting on the Comelec’s activities during election season. But she says it was when she covered Ondoy in 2009 and the drought in Isabela in 2010 that she realized just how serious our environmental situation was.  This is what gave her the idea to join Miss Philippines Earth and become an ambassadress for the environment.

WEAKNESS – Vivienne Gulla admits her weak spot is modeling. And this is where I had the chance to help her out. A couple of weeks ago, I spent an evening at the RPN9 studio with Vivienne teaching her a little of what I knew about walking, posing and pirouetting. She seemed coltish at first but with every back and forth she grew more and more sure of her movements. And as you can see in this photo of Vivienne Gulla, she’s looking grand!

Golly, this is exactly how it was for me when I first started training for a pageant – all the walking and turning on heels ’til my feet blistered…  and now, it’s this young girl’s turn to torture her feet for the sake of pageantry. LOL! I am so honored to have the chance to teach the younger generation about sacrifice 🙂 I just SO love it!

Tomorrow, Vivienne Gulla and the remaining 29 Miss Philippines Earth 2011 contestants will be taking a bus to Catanauan, Quezon for a photo shoot and tree planting activities. Stay tuned to this blog for the continuing journey of a reporter in Miss Philippines Earth 2011!!!