Beauty Queens Maggie Wilson and Sandra Seifert Launch Solara Swimwear

Oh no! Still wearing last year’s swimsuit? Two Filipina beauty queens have come to your rescue!

Beauty Queens Maggie Wilson and Sandra Seifert model swimwear from their own Solara Basics Collection

Bb. Pilipinas World  2007 Maggie Wilson and Miss Earth Philippines 2009 Sandra Seifert have joined forces to put up Solara Swimwear, an online store for women looking for the latest in swimsuit fashion. The two beauty queens got the idea during a BBQ party at a friend’s home. Since Maggie Wilson and Sandra Seifert love swimsuits and can live in bikinis everyday if they had to, designing them for a living was a no-brainer. Maggie adds that her brand-new hubby Victor Consunji (yep, the handsome construction scion) doesn’t like the idea of her coming home late from modelling jobs. So putting up her own fashion business was the perfect solution – she can still model AND be in control of her time.

And so…  Solara Swimwear was born.

Maggie Wilson (left) with Joyce Ann Burton Titular, blog author

The name Solara, which is the Spanish word for SUN, was Maggie Wilson’s idea – I think it’s got a classy ring to it, a perfect name for a swimwear brand made in the Philippines, the land of the rising sun… ahh… I can feel the heat coming on…  as well as the urge to buy myself a BIKINI!

Although Maggie Wilson and Sandra Seifert don’t have an outlet yet, you can order a Solara creation online right here. Swimsuits from the Basics Collection (which is the first set of swimsuit designs) range from $60 to $77 (that’s roughly P2,500 – P3,300 if we peg the peso at around 43). The Basics Collection features basic solid colors that you can mix and match.

The frame holding this high waist Solara Bikini was hand-made by Maggie Wilson's hubby Victor Consunji using her body as the model... coooool!

Aside from selling online, the beauty queens will have occassional Trunk Shows in different cafes so swimsuit hunters can try out their different designs. The Trunk Show ABQ went to was held at Chocolate Fire on Herrera St. in Makati. Unfortunately, Sandra Seifert was in Europe at the time so ABQ only got to chat with Maggie…  anyhoo, stay tuned to Solara’s site for announcements on upcoming Solara Swimwear events.

So far, it looks like the beauty queen tandem is basking in the heat of early success – in the first week of online sales, they were able to get over 50 orders!  Maggie Wilson says part of the earnings from the Basics Collection will be donated to Child House, the half-way home for children with cancer etc. that I did a project with last Christmas. Click here to check it out. Maggie adds that each swimsuit collection will have a special beneficiary.

Nice to know that former beauty queens still find ways to include charitable works in the things they do… I am SO inspired! Perspiring too in the heat of this year’s summer! Now if I could just perspire these pounds off to fit into a sexy Solara Swimsuit….   hmmmm… maybe next year nalang, ahaahahaha!

Solara’s next event will be on May 14, 2010 in Cebu, check the poster below for details…   SCROLL DOWN TO SEE MORE PHOTOS!

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