ABQ is Writing A BOOK on Healthy Living!

Women have ALWAYS lifted heavy weights! Why are we stopping now? Artwork by Keith Tucker

After two years of blogging I am finally one step closer to my dream of writing a BOOK! After on and off talks with OMF Literature (a Christian publishing company) they have finally agreed to publish a book, written by MOI. It’s will be about my journey to a healthy lifestyle.

While part of the book will tackle my struggle with weight gain and comfort eating, it will NOT be about LOSING WEIGHT. It will be a book that (I hope) will encourage people, especially women, to remember that their bodies are a temple, a holy place that God likes to dwell in. So they have to keep it in shape and clean as a whistle.

In the old days, women busted their buns harvesting crops, carrying jugs of water and walking for miles just to get anywhere.  But today, our buns are busting with fat thanks to a sedentary lifestyle and careers that involve sitting-down-a-lot. It doesn’t make God smile when we can’t fit into the jeans we bought last year!

I’ve met so many Christians that pray for health but don’t practice healthy living. That’s like praying for a better marriage then yelling at your husband for forgetting to put down the toilet seat again. It doesn’t work that way! Staying healthy takes hard work, specially in the beginning, but when you have your cholesterol checked you’ll be smiling at the wonders of exercise and healthy living. And when everyone wants you to be their teammate at the beach games in your next company outing, you’ll be saying to yourself, “all those hours exercising were definitely worth it!”

And to know that the Creator will be pleased by your lovely temple is the BEST REWARD you could ever ask for!!!

So wish me the best  (that means drop me a comment, hehehe) and pray that the book will inspire hundreds or even thousands of Filipinas to get fit and fabulous and be the fearfully-made women that they really are!

The painting above, as well as other artwork by Keith Tucker, can be viewed here…