ABQ Checks Out Miss Philippines Earth 2010 Candidates #31-40



Now that the Ma. Venus Raj issue has ended well, I can focus on the next big thing in Philippine Beauty Pageantry: The Miss Earth 2010 candidates!!!

All 50-plus of them were presented to the press last Tuesday, April 6 at the Manila Ocean Park which I had NEVER been to. I love sea creatures and the ocean and almost considered a career as a Scuba Dive Master or Instructor. So I felt quite at home walking through the giant aquarium’s tunnels in search of mermaids in swimsuits and sashes, hehehe…

So, here are this year’s batch of glorious beauties vying for the Miss Philippines Earth title… the ones highlighted in RED are my choices based on what I saw during the press presentation.

You can also see all of my 17 Crown Favorites bunched up in this post.

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31. Olongapo - Rosemary Joan Turner

Rosemary Joan Turner is the reigning Bb Olongapo and a BS Accountancy student at Columban College, Inc. She has an uncommon hobby for Filipinas – she loves collecting old coins. Her favorite sport is badminton. Rosemary Joan Turner finds US President Barrack Obama sexy and looks up to Miriam Quiambao as her ideal beauty queen. In the future, she hopes to become a successful businesswoman.

32. Oluntaga, Zamboanga Sibugay - Sheena Arabani

When Sheena Arabani, a nursing student, was introduced during the Miss Philippines Earth 2010 press presentation, they highlighted the fact that she is proud to be a modern Muslim woman. It is generally a brave thing for Muslim women to join traditional beauty pageants because wearing a swimsuit is just as good as being naked for many people of that faith.

But this is not Sheena Arabani’s first time to don a swimsuit on stage – this exotic southern lass has joined pageants before – she has won Ms Sibugay and also 2nd Runner-up in the Miss ZaNorte (Zamboanga Norte) Beauty Pageant in 2009.

33. Pandan, Antique - Emmerie Dale Cunanan

The blogging beauty queen congratulates Emmerie Dale Cunanan for winning one of the top awards in the Miss Philippines Earth 2010! She romped off with the Best in Evening Gown sash during one of the pre-pageant events.

Emmerie Dale Cunanan’s cheekbones are out of this world! They make her eyes super-gorgeous. Is this how girls from Antique all look like? Whoah! And she knows how to use her pretty face when posing for photos.

Anyway, enough of that, here’s a bit of background on Emmerie Dale Cunanan – she is the Lin-Ay Kang Antique 2008 (Miss Antique 2008) and 2nd Runner-up in the Turismo Filipino 2008. If you’ve seen Sarah Geronimo’s Careline commercial, Emmerie Dale Cunanan is the one doing the Muslim Dance.

34. Pasay - Julia Katrina Ibuna

Julia Katrina Ibuna’s smile is the real deal. She IS naturally friendly and that’s why she won the Miss Congeniality Award in one of the pre-pageant events ofย  the Ms Philippines Earth 2010. Congratulations from Adventures of a Beauty Queen!!!

After checking out Julia Katrina Ibuna’s Friendster photos I’ve discovered a few things about her: she loves to take multiple shots of herself when she is alone (hallmark of a Gen Y kid), she works as a Nurse, has a close-knit barkada, loves her family and is proud that her Dad does the grocery shopping in the family. I like this chick!

36. Puerto Galera, Mindoro - Crissia Atienza

Gee, there are just TOO MANY pretty faces in this year’s Miss Philippines Earth, it’s killing me! Crissia Atienza, a UST student, is another knock-out with eyes the size of silver dollars. Crissia Atienza comes to this pageant bearing another sash – Miss Oriental Mindoro 2009.

37. Puerto Princesa, Palawan - Rosemary Sampaguita Jasper

Rosemary Sampaguita Jasper is one of the luckier Miss Philippines Earth 2010 contestants. A lovely photo of her next to what looks like a giant hungry fish made it onto the online pages of a German news website. Click here to see the photo! Speaking fo German things, Rosemary Sampaguita Jasper is half-German and half-Filipino.

She happens to be a BS Hotel and Restaurant graduate of Palawan State University and is currently practicing her HRM skills at the historic Manila Hotel in Luneta.
Miss Earth Philippines 2010 is Rosemary Sampaguita Jasper’s first national pageant but she has competed in a local competition – the Ms Puerto Princesa City 2005 and represented the city in that same year in the Mutya ng Palawan. She place 3rd Runner-up in that pageant.

38. Quezon City - Nadine Bendigo

Nadine Bendigo, a Media Productions graduate from Assumption Makati, takes her gorgeous looks from her Mom Marilou Bendigo (now Marilou Bendigo Christensen) who won Mutya ng Pilipinas Asia in 1981 and went on to become a famous dramatic actress in the Philippines. With this heritage and an angelic face, Nadine Bendigo has big hopes of winning a Miss Philippines Earth title.

On the personal side, Nadine Bendigo likes feel-good stimulating conversations over coffee or wine, nights out with friends, watching all kind of movies from art films to chick flicks and as shallow as it may seem, she finds it relaxing to watch Korean soap operas specifically the romantic comedy only ’cause its a breath of fresh air. Nadine says it’s not the typical story line you find in Filipino soaps.

More interestingly. Nadine Bendigo left her family in the States to pursue a dream here in Manila. Not many people would go to another country and just chase after something uncertain. But at least at the end of the day, she can tell herself that she will not live with a “what if”.

39. Romblon - Ma. Rizel Macasa

Anybody out there knows Ma. Rizel Macasa? I remember how sweet and shy her smile was – almost like as if she were a pageant virgin (someone who has never joined a pageant before, LOLOL!) If you can tell me something about this Romblon lass, I will love you to pieces!

40. San Fernando, Pamapanga - Brendolf Munoz

Brendolf Munoz is a 3rd year student at AMA taking up Information Technology. She is a good singer and a good dancer, loves to shop and also seems to be busy shopping for pageant titles. Some in her collection include:

Top 20 Finalist in Miss Magic 2009. Miss Magic is a yearly beauty pageant organized by the Magic Group of Companies in Pangasinan.

3rd Runner-up and Best in Beach Wear in the SBO Campus King and Queen 2009 on February 6 in San Fernando, La Union

Miss San Fernando City 2010

The Mutya ng Turismo title in the Mutya ng La Union 2010

And if I am not mistaken, she won the top female title in the Ilocandia Bikini Open.

Will a Miss Philippines Earth title be added to Brendolf Munoz’ list?


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